Thursday, July 31, 2008

Is this some kind of a joke?

Um...just a question to all of my real-life friends. Did one or several of you decide to play a joke on us and break into my house to set my brand new DVR to record all episodes of Law & Order playing anytime on any channel? Cause when I got home from work today and turned on the TV, it was trying to record Law & Order and failed, telling me the DVR was too full to record anything. "How strange," I thought. I have only recorded one movie and an hour-long TV show. How could that fill it up completely. Heh. If you tell your DVR to record all episodes of Law & Order playing on any channel at any time, which I certainly did not, the DVR will be full in two days. As I deleted the countless number of episodes from my stuffed DVR, I got to thinking that would be a terrific joke to play on a buddy. Just anytime you are visiting a friend's house and they get up to use the john, quickly grab their remote and set it to record all of the Law & Orders. And if you really wanted to get them, add the SVU's in there for good measure. I know I got a good laugh deleting them all. But then I started to feel guilty for not looking to see if there were Jerry Orbach episodes and watching those in tribute.

So...ahem Elaine...ahem if you came over here and did that, good one. BTW, I have just ordered your birthday present...

In other fabulous news, Jackson has made significant progress this week in potty training! He hasn't had an accident in days and even more exciting is that he has begun to tell me that he needs to go - numba one and numba two! He has lost his panic at pooing on the potty and in fact has started doing it 3 or 4 times a day! I am sure we will have more accidents especially at nap and overnight times. But things seem to have clicked into place in his mind and he is really doing great. I am so happy! He peed on the potty for the first time May 26th, we put him in underpants about June 12th and this last week of July, he is finally taking responsibility for saying he needs to go. Nice.

Course I probably just jinxed it by writing that last paragraph, so I take it all back. It is going just terribly ;)

It has been very busy at work this week and since Jackson is in his Kinderdance camp, I have been working most of the days. And I am having the best time. How weird is it that I am happy energized at work because it is busy with opening a show tomorrow and opening a whole season in September? The phone is ringing, people are coming in to by tickets and order season tickets and I am adding up the transaction reports at the end of the day and posting deposits of thousands of dollars. Granted a lot of the money coming in is for the Summer Theatre School still going on for the kids. But I still love doing the reports and seeing how much money we are bringing in and feeling happy. Happy that I have this job, happy that I am useful and productive and working in theatre. And happy that I am not sick. I love that part. So it has been busy and I have been busting butt and enjoying it.

Tomorrow is the last day of Jackson's camp and I get to go see the short presentation tomorrow at 11:30. I am not expecting him to have mastered any choreography he may have been taught, I just hope he has been having fun and will perform something. I have asked all week to show me some dancing and he says no. But he has been anxious in the mornings to get in the car and go to 'dancing school' and can hardly wait to get there.

Ha, I just had to stop for a miute because Jackson told me "the pee pee's trying to come out." It is funny, he does the pee pee dance and everything.

Are you supposed to feel such pride when your kid has learned to hold his urine till sitting on the toilet? I am so proud.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Spicy Chili, Dancing and a Benefit

On Friday night I went to a benefit for a local theatre company and enjoyed good food, good company and great entertainment from local actor/singers - most of whom I am privileged to know personally. What a treat it was. Here is a picture of me and the lovely and very talented Andrea' who sang gorgeously as is her usual.

I made chili for dinner tonight, attempting to replicate the unwritten recipe that David uses. We realized that if I don't continue to cook dinner as usual during David's rehearsal process would lead to him eating out twice a day and me and Jackson eating frozen or fast food too much. So I am cooking the same amount of dinner I always make and David will take his portion to lunch the next day and also make sandwiches or other packed lunch/dinner options. The problem I ran into tonight is that I am not the one that normally seasons the chili. And when I sat down to eat tonight, a bowl for me and for Jackson, my first bite proved that I don't know how to make chili. I kept seasoning it and then tasting it and it was too bland. So I would add more chili powder and red pepper. Too bland. Didn't realize you have to let that stuff cook in a bit, then taste it. So after I let it cook and sat down to eat it, I realized it was spicy. Too spicy for little boys to eat. Luckily I realized this before he got any. Course he wasn't interested in eating any of it anyway. He came over, sniffed it, declared it 'stinky' and took off. I made him take a bite of one of the cornbread sticks I made and he declared it 'yucky bread.' So I was oh for two tonight on feeding Jackson. So I fixed him something else and enjoyed my stinky spicy chili and my yucky bread. Mmmmm...mmmmmm...good.

Today was Jackson's first day of Kinderdance camp. Not sure why every class that occurs in the summer is called a camp. To me, camp means you stay overnight...for at least a weekend. Church camp, band camp, cheerleading camp...that sort of thing. Jackson's 'camp' is just this week, 9a-12p. No camping required.

I was very nervous about it, seeing as it is a class for 3 to 5 year olds and they have to be potty trained. And Jackson is only somewhat potty trained. My hope is that if I dropped him off with an empty bladder and they don't feed them tons of liquid and take at least one organized 'everyone must pee' break, and the teacher helped him pull up his pants, he would pass as potty-trained. And today at least, he passed. The teacher took one look at him when we walked in and asked if he'd gone potty. He is a little guy, so that probably clued her in to the possibly lying mommy. I don't feel bad though. He can stay dry easily for three hours. He does it often. He just doesn't always say he needs to go when he needs to go. And if he is really having fun, I worry he won't say anything. But really, it is three hours. I think he can do it.

And we have made some real progress in the last week on the potty. He started to tell me last week that he needed to poop. But he was really panicky, like he was scared to go. He didn't want to go on the potty, didn't want a diaper, didn't want to mess his underpants. He'd say, "I don't want to go poo poo." Like that would make it just go away. So when he indicated he needed to go, I told him we would go to Target right now if you poop on the potty right now. And that did it. And was a real turning point. I bribed him a couple more times with special treats of candy and we are now to the point that when I put him on the potty to pee, he will sometimes ask "Can I go poo poo?" He seems to be much less afraid of the potty for numba two and I couldn't be more happy.

Of course he still is having accidents. Mostly during naps or at night. And he doesn't much like it. I was up changing a poop pull-up at four this morning. He came in and got me. Why doesn't he ever wake his daddy up for these things?

So Jackson is learning some basics of dance and movement and seems to be enjoying it. But people seem to be surprised that we put our boy in dance class. That makes me smile. The way I see it, he will get plenty of sports in his life. They practically force it on you in public school. What they don't have much of is music, art, and dance. Creative arts. These are the things I prefer to spend my money on to make sure he is exposed to. And I think dance is cool. David agrees. We both bemoan our lack of dance training as actors. And we don't intend to force Jackson to be an actor, but until and if he lets us know he isn't interested we intend for Jackson to have every opportunity to be artistic and creative. So Kinderdance it is. So what if there are ony 2 boys and 10 girls in the class. That kind of makes me proud. I like not always running with the herd.

Besides, we aren't interested in supporting the boy scouts. I don't trust any organization that doesn't recognize the difference between a gay person and a pedophile.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I have wheels once more!

I finally got my car back this evening and the great news is that it didn't cost me a dime. Not a penny. I had a blown intake gasket, not that I know what that is. And said gasket is covered under my 100k mile power train warranty, not that I know what that is. I am just glad it is fixed and didn't eat into my bank account. It drove quite nicely home from the dealership; it was my nice, happy little Hyundai again. It sure seems like a lot of serious things have broken on this car - cracked struts, something with the axle last month, I can't remember what else. But as many times as I have had it in the shop, the only money I have spent is oil changes and tires. And one battery. Oh, last month I took it in because the break lights wouldn't go off. That was under warranty too.

So do they give you the warranty because they know you are going to need it? Cause as long as I don't have to spend a ton on repairs and the people at the dealership are nice to me, which they always are, I will continue to have a good relationship with and be likely to buy another Hyundai. Next time I want a Sonata, it is the size bigger sedan than the Elatra. Not for a while though, I really like not having a car payment.

The house is quiet. David is at rehearsal and Jackson has been asleep since 7:20. Mom brought Cam and Eli over again and we went swimming at my neighborhood pool. Jackson swimmied around the pool with the big boys for a while and then they played on the playground. They didn't get here till nearly one, so Jackson missed his nap today.

He was an absolute bear by 3:30 this afternoon and I am very proud that I managed to not beat him. I understood he was overtired. And he has a little runny nose so he may not be feeling great.

In fact he just woke up a little crying, says he feels like throwing up. But then he just rolled over and went back to sleep, so I am not sure.

My house is a wreck from two whole days of being housebound with the boys visiting. My kitchen floor is covered in dirt and grass and crumbs and I don't know what. Whatever boys track in when they come in and out. I did manage to do most of my laundry yesterday and today. And I have been watching as much of The Deadliest Catch as I can. Why do I love this show about Alaskan crab fisherman? Cause their job is crazy dangerous and exciting? Cause they are in negative temps and are wet and still work their butts off 36 to 72 hours at a time? I dunno. Those guys are crazy and I can't imagine living like them. But I love to watch. Especially in HD.

We kicked out Dish Network and went back to Time Warner Cable. Upgraded to an HD/DVR and are now watching actual HD on our HD TV for the first time after a year of ownership. It looks awesome, and I thought it looked good before. So we have a cheap rate locked in for two years and expect to have to switch back to dish when they try to double our rates after our 2 years is up. I guess you have to play the game if you don't want to get screwed. Dish Network wanted to charge us $175 to upgrade to HD/DVR and then a fee per month. When we go back as new customers they will do it for free. So there.

So I got a birthday present early this week. My mother-in-law took me to the Coach outlet and let me pick a purse. So I chose this one. Something I can use every day and should last for a while. We got it for half of what new ones are selling for on Ebay. The store was packed with people. All of the discount designer purse hunters. And there I was in the thick of it. Me. Funny. I can say that I love the smell of the leather and the quality of the stitching and workmanship. This is not a Wal-Mart purse. Of course it is an outlet mall buy, which means I would most certainly be called out as a poser for carrying last year's design by any moneyed fashionista who saw me. But what the hell, I love it and even love the fact that it didn't cost even close to what they charge online or in regular Coach stores. So thank you so much, Susanne. And thank you to my husband, cause I bought myself a matching wallet-from him-for my birthday.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My car is broken

I am carless today. Had to take my car in to the Hyundai dealership for repairs. It has been acting up lately - acting like it isn't getting enough gas in idle and trying to stall. Then last night when I got home I put it in park and the RPM's revved up to 3 1/2 like I was stepping on the gas, but I wasn't. I put it back in drive and it went back to shaking and acting like it wasn't getting enough gas. This morning when I drove it in I had to put on my hazard lights and drive really slowly because it wasn't shifting into higher gear - just revving up the RPM's. Scary. But luckily the dealership is very close to my house. We thought about taking it to a shop David uses a lot for his Subaru, but I would have had to get on the interstate and I was too scared to. It will probably cost a ton more at the dealership though. Sigh.

I guess it doesn't matter, it is only money. I just am tired of bleeding money. I owe almost $800 in medical bills that should be arriving in the mail any day now. Actually, I have $450 of them sitting in my kitchen and I am waiting for the rest. David gets a bonus next month, which means we should be able to pay it, but it just sucks that his bonus can't go to something fun instead. (No David, you can't have a moped, dammit!)I just hope my car doesn't require some crazy amount of work. And I hope I am not stranded here, not able to work or go anywhere for very long.

My sister's boys are staying at my mom's for a few days and Jackson and I were over there last night so they could all play. I was going to go again after work, but then my car went kaput. So my brought them over here for a little while to play after they had lunch with my grandmother. Cameron and Elijah tired Jackson out and he's fast asleep in his bed. I'll probably have to wake him up soon so he won't be up all night.

David started rehearsals for his next show yesterday. I love you, you're perfect, now change. It is a musical with 2 men and 2 women playing all the parts. It is kind of an everyman/woman show about relationship and marriage cliches. He is really excited to be in it and the other three cast members are first class singers and actors as well. It should be quite a show. It will open Sept 19th.

The downside is that he rehearses in Austin and coming home after work before rehearsal would be wasteful. So he is working 9a-6p on rehearsal days and going strait there. So for a couple of months, Jackson and I won't see him much. And I will have to carry nearly all of the Jackson load on weekdays. Cept, he thinks he might have Sat rehearsals to, but I am blocking that out and trying not to think about it. Let's just say that he is going to owe me big after this an had better produce one hell of a show. And a kick-ass fifth anniversary weekend in October after the show closes(hint hint).

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Happy Cancerversary

Last year on July 16th I learned that I had cancer. I didn't want to talk to anyone about it. I didn't want to answer my phone or see anyone. I even dodged a few of my best friend's calls which says a lot. I did the bare minimum in communication. I spoke briefly to my Dad. For everyone else's benefit, I wrote a quick blog that didn't reveal any panic or hysteria I may have felt.

I didn't cry on the way home from my bronchoscopy. I chose to ride home with my mom; David drove behind us in his car. I was afraid I couldn't hold it together if I rode with him and alone he had the opportunity to call his folks and our closest friends with the news. I don't know what he said to them. How he broke it to them. I don't know how they reacted. I never asked.

My mom watched Jackson that evening and I had David take me to a mexican restaurant for dinner where the salsa burned like hell going down my throat, raw from the broncoscopy.

He and I broke down that night in bed. We sobbed like crazy and held each other. We didn't know anything about what would come next. We didn't even know what kind of cancer it was. We were told to hope for Lymphoma, Hodgkins, preferably. I didn't know how to act or what to feel. I just kept imagining my own damned funeral and hyperventilating. Scared doesn't begin to cover it.

Today I worked my butt off at the Palace. Worked hard to get the new season info ready for the website and wrote down all the questions that came up that I needed to ask the webmaster at my 6:30 p.m. dinner meeting. Had an incredibly productive meeting where the office, production side and webmaster all got on the same page with everything we need to do to go live on the new season sales on the website. Just got home half an hour ago.

Got my hair cut between work and my meeting.

It has been a very full day.

What a difference a year makes.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Jackson's Birthday!

Today is Jackson's 3rd birthday. It is now 2:38 p.m. CST. Three years ago he entered the world and our lives have been enriched and our pocketbooks emptied. Ok, so not totally. But you get the idea.

We had a little family party for him yesterday and he got some great gifts. The most fun was with the bubbles. They have battery operated machines now that blow hundreds of bubbles. The days of blowing bubbles with a wand till you pass out are over. Now the child can run and play in a cloud of bubbles of his own making. We got tons of clothes and art supplies and fishing poles and a few cars, of course. He had a great time. Today he asked me "what happened to my birthday? Where did it go?" I explained that today was actually his birthday and we had cupcakes at the Palace and he got another couple of gifts. But that really your birthday only comes once a year and you have to wait for it to come around again. He asked, "Can I have another birthday now?" He doesn't get it. He thinks birthdays are bestowed upon him by his parents. And why can't he have another one now?

I guess the lazy blogger has some updating to do on the last week. Don't you hate it when people refer to themselves in the third person? Marsha does. So she isn't going to write like this anymore.

My squirrel baby lived through the night in a box at my bedside. Both David and I got up in the night to check on him, making sure he was warm enough and still with us. In the morning Jackson and I took him to the wildlife rescue in Austin where a donation of $35 (not required) paid for him to be cared for and raised and released back into the wild when he - or she - is ready. In the broad view saving one squirrel probably doesn't mean much, but I just couldn't let him die. Didn't seem right and since I can spare $35 and the gas to get him there I took him in. I kinda miss him though. It is really nice to hold an infant, even if he is only a little bit bigger than your thumb. I guess I really do want another baby.

But could someone else do the potty-training when it is time? Cause this shit is hard. I am now bribing my son with all the premium bath products I can find and even then I only get a tiny bit of poop in the potty. The vast majority of the poo is made in his pants after he is put to bed. Where a boy can go in private with no one pressuring him - geez. I get it. I do. But dammit, he has to learn this. It is your ticket into society. No poo in potty, no pre-school. Sigh.

On Thursday I spoke at a charity skeet shooting event organized by my co-worker's husband. It was a real guys event. Skeet shooting tournament, auctioning of rifles, hunts, deer feeders and knives. And steak. Lots of steak. Proceeds from the auction went to American Cancer Society and they made aver $4000. I even helped with the auction by carrying around this gun to show it off before-hand. I didn't dress as the chemo queen. It just didn't seem like that kind of event. It was outdoors and attended by mostly men. But I kinda wish I had worn my costume because it was a tough crowd. No snickers at my lame jokes, no nodding in sympathy, no tears. But I think I did reach them because several of the old guys came up and shook my hand afterwards and thanked me for sharing my story. But I could have done better. It was windy and I had a hand-held mic. So I had to hold my speech in one hand and the mic in the other and when I had to turn pages the wind almost ripped them outta my hands and the mic got in the way. It was awkward. Not to mention that the man who introduced me saw that I had a speech in my hand and said "Aw, you don't need to make a long speech honey, you're pretty enough to just stand here and say hello." Totally threw me off. WTF? Perhaps my speech was not appropriate for the event, perhaps these manly men didn't want to hear a 'pretty girl' say anything. Perhaps I should have just carried the gun around and left it at that. I had a split second to decide how to respond to that and it threw me for a second. But I decided, No dammit! I was invited to share my story and I choose to share it in a prepared speech full of heart and witty truisms. So there.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Baby in the House

My MRI experience, with the help of a milligram of ativan, was good. The nurse giving me the contrast dye used a 25 gauge needle, no digging around in my arm with the knitting needles this time. Smooth as butter, this gal. I barely felt it. Kept wondering when she was going to start. The ativan made me a little sleepy and a little loopy, just enough that when they started sliding the table I was bound to into the long MRI chamber, I didn't even flinch. Just thought, "ok, here we go." Ativan is an anti-anxiety drug that I used during chemo for nausea and to put me out on chemo nights. And this small amount that I had left was just perfect to kill the anxiety that kept me up all night. In fact, when we got home, my mom watched Jackson and I slept for most of the day. Combination of the drug and the lack of sleep the night before.

Course I may not sleep tonight on account of I have a newborn in the house. Yup. I found a baby on our family walk this evening. He's a newborn squirrel, so newborn we weren't even sure what the hell he was. Just his pink hairless guy on the sidewalk. David and Jackson and I were all standing there staring at him when he kind of flinched and rolled over, proving he was not yet dead. His movement really startled Jackson who probably saw him as some pink hairless villain from Spongebob or one of those other freaky Nickelodeon cartoons. Jackson started screaming and crying and jumped into David's arms and demanded we get away from there. So we went, but I couldn't stop seeing him lying there with the ants circling.

So when we got home I googled newborn squirrel and confirmed his species and read that the mother would reclaim him unless he was too cold. She wouldn't even care if he smelled like humans as long as he was still warm. So I went back for him to see if I could warm him up and put him in a box for his mom to find him. We alerted the people who lived there about the box and the baby squirrel and I went to check on him twice - still there. The sites I was looking at said don't leave him overnight, she won't get him after dark but predators would. So I brought him home and put a warm pack in his box, gave him a tiny bit of pedialyte like the rescue site said and I will keep him till morning.

Not sure what to do then. I can either go back to his tree and try to get his mom to come get him, which would mean hanging out there to watch in the distance so that a cat doesn't get him and that he doesn't get too cold. Or I can call the wildlife rescue people in Austin in the morning and see if they will let me take him in. It says the cost of rehabbing a squirrel is $35. I am not sure if this means they will take him if I give them $35, but I will certainly write them a check.

I just want him to be ok. I wish his mom would find him, but I don't know if that is gonna happen now. Some might say I should have just left him alone in the first place, but when I first went back to check out the situation I noticed that he had siblings. Near where I found him were two more. Except these two were covered completely in ant mountains and were decimated. He was lucky he fell near the grass, the others fell in the street. I just couldn't walk away.

Now if I can keep him safe from the cats tonight and get him to his mom or the wildlife people tomorrow, we can call him rescued. I think probably the wildlife people, because I can't sit in front of someone else's house down the block for several hours, with Jackson, to watch for his mom, who may or may not come. Sigh. Decisions.

Monday, July 07, 2008

Toilet -Tub, What's the Difference?

I am drained right now. Potty training sucks. And the only one trained around here is me. I am trained to watch the clock obsessively and put him on the potty to pee. And if I am busy at work and forget to do the post-nap pee pee like today, he pees all over the carpet at the Palace. He doesn't tell me he needs to go. He tells me when he is going. "I'm going pee pee!" He cried to the lobby full of customers. Actually there weren't any customers in the lobby at the time. I just though it made the sentence sound much better to say there were. There was only one grandmotherly volunteer who wisely kept her comments to herself and only smirked a little bit as I held the peeing child over the trash bin in my office. Sigh.

This evening we had more potty fun as I cajoled and bribed the child into squeezing out a miserly turd into the potty. I have resorted to bribing him with premium bath products. I have a small baggie of pink and white bath 'confetti; from a pampering gift set I got a while back. And after sitting in the bathroom with the boy on the potty complaining and getting nowhere for 10 minutes, I pulled out the baggie and desperately offered him some for his bath if only he would poop. And lo and behold his little face turned red as he went for it. And stunk up the bathroom with one measly turd.

I have also resorted to the time-honored sticker chart. One sticker per poop in the potty. When he fills the chart we go to the toy store for a new car. So after his little poop, I put him in the bath. Where after a few minutes in perfumed, high-end bath confetti water he produced a monumental bowel movement. Into the bath water. Sigh. Which made him think he could put another poop sticker on the chart.

He doesn't get the sticker chart. He gets that we go to the store when he fills the chart, but it made him really unhappy that he can't simply take the page of stickers and put them on the chart and off we go. He had an emotional breakdown because he couldn't add stickers and go to the store. Man. I am tired.

I have my MRI in the morning. My mom will be here to drive me and watch Jackson. hopefully the Ativan keeps me from flipping out from the feeling of being put in a coffin and the MRI shows a normal brain of above average intelligence. Or genius. A monumental brain of overwhelming genius.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Two pool parties - no sunburns!

Friends with pools are some of the best friends to have. We spent some quality time in a couple of different pools this holiday weekend. Jackson has become something of a little fish with his new swimmies. He quickly go the hang of them and floated around in the water and even managed to steer himself a little bit.

On the fourth we were at Kyle and Dave's house and Jackson fell in love with the hot tub. He called it a hot pool or the little pool. Said they made it just for him to swim in. He floated in the middle while the adults sat around the sides and snacked and sipped cocktails. Nice time. He was a pretty good boy. He does well at parties most of the time. Especially parties with pools and/or hot tubs.

He also got to watch some fireworks for the first time. He was impressed with the big colorful ones. But we were all disappointed with the sparklers. We have decided the new fancy paper sparklers that are supposed to be so much better than the old metal-looking sparklers are really kinda sucky. They light faster, but don't stay lit. And halfway through they start spitting hot sparks and we all got a little burned. David was holding Jackson and their sparkler went a little nuts and got sparks on Jackson sandaled foot and burned-slash-scared him pretty good. Next year we are getting the old school sparklers that work and don't burn you easily.

This afternoon David's cast had a little get-together at Renee and Andy's place. They also have a pool. We were afraid Jackson would be upset that they hadn't built a little hot pool just for him. But this pool has a cool waterfall so he was quite happy to swim around till his lips were blue and his shivering was comical. "Do you want to get out Jackson?" "Nnnn...nnn...nnoooooooo..." Very cute.

My head continues to be a bother, with the pulsing crappy headache hanging out back there making me a short-tempered complainer. Hopefully my medicine will come in the mail in the next few days. I am so cheap, I decided to suffer and do the prescription mail-order since I could get three months free. Prescription drug sale - what will they think of next? But it leaves me cranky and waiting. And waiting.

My crankiness makes me interested in the true-crime shows on tv. When I am feeling crappy I tend to tune into shows like I am watching now - Snapped, on oxygen network. Snapped profiles women who kill their husbands. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing but contempt for people who are so self-centered they kill their spouses instead of saying, "hey, ya know what? I don't want to be married to you anymore." But I get this morbid fascination with these shows and others like it. What the hell is wrong with people? How can you love someone and then feed them arsenic, watching as they get sick and die. I don't get it. But watching shit like that makes me feel good about my life. Yeah, I married young and divorced young. Yeah, there were problems. But we are both still alive and have nothing but good wishes for the other. Shit, I recently met his wife and had a nice afternoon with her. There isn't any reason to be anything but kind to one another.

Course these cases I see generally involve money and property or kids. If a divorce costs you your lifestyle and that lifestyle is how you define yourself as a person...and you're a sociopath...perhaps divorce isn't an option in your world. I can't imagine a world in which I would ever wish harm on the father of my child. How can you love your child and then purposefully deprive him of his mommy or daddy?

I am just grateful to be in a good marriage that has survived the apocalypse of a baby and then the nuclear bomb of cancer. If we can get through that, I can't see either of us feeding the other arsenic.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Sad Underpants

Monday night David arranged a movie date since he reads my blog and is a savvy husband. We saw the new Pixar movie WALL-E. We had a good time. I got popcorn and candy cause the last time we went to a movie was the night before my PET scan and I couldn't have anything. That sucked, so this time I stuffed myself.

I feel better. Still lots going on at work and not enough pooping going on in the potty at home. Not sure how to get the small boy to use the potty for #2. Tonight I tried to get him to run around underpantless with the hopes the potty would beckon. But he really wanted his underwear. He likes them. I told him his underpants would be very sad if he pooped in them. They didn't want to be pooped in and they really hoped he would poop in the potty. It didn't work. He pooped in his underpants and called me into his room to tell me that his underpants were sad. Sigh. He gets it. He just won't do it.

David's show got a really good review in the Sun. Called it an "ensemble tour de force." Which it is. The actors in this show are fabulous and their pacing and timing is awesome.

My MRI is scheduled for Tuesday morning. They said it was fine for me to have an Ativan before the appt if I had someone drive me. So I will probably do that, provided I have some ativan left.