Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I got the next Palace playbill for Little Shop of Horrors sent off to the printers today and will be spending the rest of the work week getting things ready for opening night next Friday. I will be out all next week so I have some things to get done in advance.

Monday morning early, early, early (6 am)I am flying to Boston with my best friend Andrea. We are going to stay at a B&B in Salem the first night then head into Boston to another B&B. I am getting excited about it and think we are going to have a really great time.

I am going to be sad to go on a trip without David though. I will miss him. I have been thinking about what will be different on a trip with Andrea' than a trip with David. I'll have to carry my own bags for one. But there will be more drinking, I'm sure. David doesn't drink much to speak of, but Andrea' and I have been known to throw back a few (too many). I will also have to be diligent about taking pictures. David usually takes them or prompts me to. So I will have to have the camera at the ready.

I am going to miss my boys. My Dad is coming to stay with David for a few days to take Jackson to and from school and help out. And David will probably take a couple of days off. They will get along just fine, but I will miss them.

And I have to figure out what to pack. Highs in the 60's and 70's. Is that long sleeve weather? Is my leather jacket enough for lows in the 40's & 50's? And then there is the whole shoe question. My feet killed me in D.C. in my boots that were not quite comfy enough. Plus they will probably be too warm. So do I go with sneakers and look dorky and save my feet or shoes that match what I am wearing and hurt? I know, I know. Sneakers and dork-hood. Andrea? What are you bringing to wear? I can't be dorky alone.

This past weekend my Dad came to visit and helped us solve the washer/dryer issue. He brought his truck and we bought new ones. He took the old sort-of-functional ones back with him and is finding homes for them with people who will be happy to have them. And we bought fancy new ones that light up like an airplane cockpit and play songs to you when the laundry is done. And these are not even close to the fanciest ones on the market. But I feel very indulgent when my washer sings me a song to tell me the cycle is done. Jackson thinks they are pretty. He says "these new ones are perfect." He likes that the washer is a front-loader with a window and he can watch the wash cycle. Hours of entertainment, I tell you. Ok. Minutes of entertainment.

Before my Dad left we found a tiny tree seedling growing in the yard under our oak tree. I can't remember seeing a new tree growing in the yard before. I guess conditions have to be right. So we decided to save it, dig it out, pot it and we have been watering it every day. It is Jackson's baby tree.

I know there are more things to talk about - rehearsals and work and such - but it is hard to blog after working all day and then rehearsing (which is going well). All I want to do now is read my book and veg. So that is what I am going to do.

Friday, April 17, 2009

You have got to be kidding...

Quote from a Kmart commercial I just saw on TV"

"I found these gorgeous Jacklyn Smith sheets that I adore. And the kicker? They're machine washable..."

Um, really? Machine washable sheets? Man, I gotta get me some of those. I've been schlepping mine to the dry cleaners for years. (I guess I should say I've had the maid schlep them to the cleaners for me.)And Jacklyn Smith? Is Jacklyn Smith so designer you wouldn't expect to be able to throw them in the washer? I guess I am out of the fashionable loop then. I had no idea.

And at Kmart? Does Kmart sell sheets that aren't machine washable? Does anybody buy them?

I was also just watching the TLC show "Say Yes to the Dress" which chronicles women choosing wedding gowns at Klienfelds Bridal in NYC, one of the biggest, most popular designer gown salons in the country. And I was watching this woman try on $3 to $6 thousand dollar dresses while wearing a BLACK bra underneath. Really. She is prepared to pay that much money for a gown, is appearing on national TV while trying on these gowns and couldn't be bothered to wear a white undergarment. So a $4k dress looked trailer park on her, as did the $3K dress. Don't most bridal shops have bras and girdles and all of that right there for you to try on with the dresses? They did when I bought my dress. Cause they really want to sell one to you. Cause they are as over-priced as the dresses. They want to sell you a $100 bra to go with it.

I'm so judgemental. I judge them for spending that much on a dress and I judge them for being trailer park while doing it...whatever.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Good news and bad news

So my mom broke into my house today to do my laundry while I was at work. What a woman. The bad news is that my dryer is broken. It tumbles. And tumbles and tumbles, but the heat is barely there and it takes 2 hours to dry a load of laundry. So my mom ended up taking some of my stuff home with her to do. I feel so lazy. My mom came, stole my laundry and will bring it back tomorrow clean. I have to call around and fine someone to come see if my dryer can be fixed. But at least I will have some clean underpants while I work on that. Thanks mom.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Everything happens for a reason.

I have been putting off the laundry. This is nothing new. I hate doing the laundry. There is nothing I like about it - wait, I like it when it is finished. That is all. Usually I let the clothing bins in my closet get full-to-bursting. Then when the small room starts to smell like dirty socks, I know it is time to do the laundry.

It is almost that time. Today I spent a full minute digging around in my unmentionables drawer looking for a clean pair of underpants. I knew there had to be one more in there somewhere, (please don't let me be out of underpants, I thought). And there at the bottom of the drawer, winking at me prettily, was the gorgeous peridot earring that I had lost months ago. I knew it was in my closet somewhere, I dropped it while standing there by the dresser in the closet and I could not find it anywhere. I have been over the floor with a flashlight on hands and knees, I have dug in all the drawers looking and always giving up saying "I'll find it at some point." Today was the day. So there. Everything really does happen for a reason. I put off the laundry, letting my top drawer get dangerously low on unmentionables and voila, I found my precious earring.

BTW, my mom is coming over on Friday to play with Jackson while I am at work. If I can only find enough underpants to get me through the week, I bet she will do a couple of loads for me while I am out. Mom loves laundry and she always looks for a load to do while she is here. Is is wrong to hold out, knowing she is coming over?

Yes, I am sure it is. But I am going to do it anyway. Thanks Mom.

I have been going through a blogger depression lately. I just haven't felt like writing. I have been sick for a week, lost my voice, cursed my sinuses and am now feeling human again. And I have had so many doctors appointments in the last month, I am tired of it all. I just haven't wanted to write anymore about blood draws and new meds and all the other stuff involved in trying to get my health and my life back in line post cancer. And the bills and their errors that I spend time on the phone sorting out. I guess I didn't want to get on here and complain. I heard it said once that bloggers complain a lot. And I don't want to be like that.

So here are a few Jackson gems. A few days ago Jackson broke a glass tea candle holder. I have no idea how, I was in the kitchen and he came in from the living room holding the broken glass and shards. "I broke this, mama," he said. So I quickly had him throw the glass away and rinsed his hands to get the small bits off. But I must have missed the fact that he was cut a tiny bit, because he came back in a few minutes later with blood smeared on his hands. "Mama, what is all this red stuff," he asked. It occurred to me he has rarely bled in his 3 1/2 years. Is this a testament to my mothering skills that my son doesn't know what blood is and isn't addicted to band aids?

Jackson has also taken to telling me funny jokes. He says they are funny jokes not me. Here is an example:

Jackson: Mama, I'm gonna tell you a funny joke.
Me: Ok, go ahead.
Jackson: What do you pick off trees and put in a basket?
Me: What?
Jackson: Fruit hahahahahahaha

He doesn't know you aren't supposed to laugh at your own joke. I am pretty sure he makes these up as he goes along. Usually they are about cars. "What drives on the road and crashes into a tree? Cars! Hahahahahaha! Comedians, I swear.

Rehearsals are going well for Hay Fever. I am busy 4 or 5 days a week after work. I get home, quickly fix something to eat, drive to austin by 6:30 and come home just before 10. (And did I mention my sinus infection and loss of voice for 3 days? So don't give me any crap about the laundry, ok?)

Speaking of me not speaking for a few days, I have to say that my husband is so sweet. Instead of being happy not to have to hear my voice as would be the expected husbandly response, he kept telling me how much it sucked not to have anyone to talk to and that the house was all "quiet and sad" and that he hated me not being able to talk. Such a sweetheart. And he even forgives the laundry monster threatening to take over our closet. (Can you see I am unable to stop thinking about the laundry that I really, really don't want to do, but desperately need to?)

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Pump It Up and Fortified Fort

Another busy weekend has gone by and we at the Sray house are worn out. Friday night was date night. We went to see Grease at the Palace again and had a good time, but stayed up too late.

Saturday we got up and went to a 10 am birthday party at Pump It Up, the mother of all jumpy-thing places. Wow this place was big. Nearly two story inflatable slides and inflatable obstacle courses that were too difficult for Jackson and taxing for mommy. He is too little, I am just out of shape.

I did go down the big slide with Jackson though. And David went down a bunch. And fun was had by all.

Of course now I am worried that now that Jackson has attended one of these kick-ass birthday parties he will no longer be satisfied by our annual cake-and-grandparents parties. Is he going to think we are lame if we don't rent the Jump Zone or something like that? I wanted to hold off on that kind of party till he was at least 8 or 9. Hopefully I still can.

On Saturday evening I spoke as the Chemo Queen at the Round Rock Relay for life during the survivors dinner. I stopped by Ramona's costume shop on the way home from the B-day party and picked up the red gown I love to wear when I speak and dug out the sash and tiara. I was nervous of course, I always am. I always doubt that people will be interested in what I have to say. I know I have an interesting story, but in a room full of survivors, we all have an interesting story and who am I to get up and single myself out? But I go up anyway in my silly get-up and talk and afterwards the outpouring of support I get from these people who know a little about what I have been through is awesome. Hugs and handshakes and just so much friendship; it is incredible. And later, out on the field, I took pictures with anyone who wanted to tell their friends about the chemo queen. This is a cell phone pic that Andrea took at the dinner.

As usual, David was an incredibly good sport, wrangling Jackson during my speech and walking with him around the track with all the people when Jackson wanted to. Taking him to the bathroom and simply being cool and supportive.

We only stayed till about 10:00. Relay is an all night event with people walking the track all night, but with a small child and a ball gown, I just can't hang all night. Maybe next year I can plan on it. Take a tent out there like other people do. Could be fun to have a real team and really relay.

Today I had rehearsal in the afternoon and David's parents came over to help finish the play scape. When I came home they had the roof nearly complete and looking great. So Fort Jackson is complete and fortified - staked to the ground. We had a good dinner and now I am blogging and listening to my not-quite-sleeping some sing and chatter in his bed. Every few minutes he yells really loudly, "Mommy, I love you! Do you love me?" And then I have to yell back, "Yes, I love you too. Go to sleep please!"

After such a busy weekend (or week-end as they say in the British play I am doing) I am ready for a hot bath, a glass of wine and my bed.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

April Fools Brilliance

Noah died in December. I wrote a little about him then; an Australian teenager with a brilliant and sardonic wit trapped in a slowly rotting cancerous body. I interacted with him briefly on Planet Cancer - the myspace/facebook for young people with cancer. His death really saddened so many of us. We mourned our loss of him while at the same time recognizing that he wasn't stuck in that painful existence any more.

He got us today though. I logged on to Planet Cancer and in the blog rolls it showed his instantly recognizable icon (black scribbled lines instead of a picture)with a brand new blog titled "I'm Alive, I'm Alive!"

Impossible, I thought. WTF? So I clicked to open the blog and there is was. A new blog from Noah. Written in November and post dated for April 1st to be a brilliant joke on the rest of us. He said:

"April Fools'! Oh come on, why else would they let us date blogs in the future?"

He thanked everyone on Planet Cancer for being around for him and sharing the sucky experience that is cancer. And then he finished by saying:

"Don’t be sad. I’m glad it’s over. Peace."

I hope he is at peace.

And I am wondering if we will get a Christmas card in December.