Saturday, November 27, 2010

Two months as a family of four.

Wiley is two months old now and is as good a baby as I have ever met.  He sleeps.  A lot.  In bed at 7p.  Doesn't wake up at night most of the time.  Up at 7 am.  Naptime by 9 am til 11ish.  Afternoon nap between 1 and 2.  He is awake maybe 6 or 7 hours a day.  That is all.  And when he is up, he is pretty calm and happy.  Doesn't like wet diapers.  Wants to eat a lot.  Gets cranky if you try to keep him awake.  So long as he gets put into his bed when he is tired - about two hours after the last sleep - he is content. 

Wiley is a sweetie.  He is very different from Jackson, who is a spitfire ball of energy.  Even as a baby he was intense and high maintenance.  Wiley is opposite.  I often have to go in and wake him in the morning or from a nap because he has been in there for hours without crying out.  And I'll find him in there looking around, sucking his thumb and enjoying his own calm company.  Perhaps the waking world is too loud for him.  Perhaps he is avoiding the overwhelming attention of his 5-year-old brother who loves him to distraction.  I don't know.  He slept almost all day on Thanksgiving.  Of course I had 18 people at my house including 4 children enjoying each others company.  So it was loud and chaotic and maybe Wiley just prefers his quiet room to being amidst it all.  He is perfectly engaging when it is just me and him in the mornings.  But if you come over, he may just decide to hide out in his crib and sleep till you decide to go home.  Or maybe he'll stay up so you can see him.  But I can't promise.

Also I want to share these photos that I took today.  David and I took the boys for a walk around the neighborhood and Wiley decided he didn't want to ride in the stroller anymore.  So David carried him wrapped in his jacket.  I love these pics.  You can really see David's calm personality mirrored in his two-month old son.  So freaking sweet I can't stand it.  I love my boys so much. 

Here is a couple of Jackson trying his best not to make a doofy camera face.  We are working on this because I have so few pictures from the last year or so when he isn't making a doofy camera face.  He sees a camera and his face automatically assumes "cheese" face, which makes me laugh like crazy, but leaves me with picture after picture of him that doesn't capture his sweet face as it is in reality.  But I do have enough of these for a doofy-face album to embarrass him with when he is older.