Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Sad Underpants

Monday night David arranged a movie date since he reads my blog and is a savvy husband. We saw the new Pixar movie WALL-E. We had a good time. I got popcorn and candy cause the last time we went to a movie was the night before my PET scan and I couldn't have anything. That sucked, so this time I stuffed myself.

I feel better. Still lots going on at work and not enough pooping going on in the potty at home. Not sure how to get the small boy to use the potty for #2. Tonight I tried to get him to run around underpantless with the hopes the potty would beckon. But he really wanted his underwear. He likes them. I told him his underpants would be very sad if he pooped in them. They didn't want to be pooped in and they really hoped he would poop in the potty. It didn't work. He pooped in his underpants and called me into his room to tell me that his underpants were sad. Sigh. He gets it. He just won't do it.

David's show got a really good review in the Sun. Called it an "ensemble tour de force." Which it is. The actors in this show are fabulous and their pacing and timing is awesome.

My MRI is scheduled for Tuesday morning. They said it was fine for me to have an Ativan before the appt if I had someone drive me. So I will probably do that, provided I have some ativan left.


~E said...

Poor sad underpants :(*** ;)

eefolsom said...

That is SOOOO funny! I know I have said this before, but I promise this will pass! Jackson WILL poop in the potty on a regular basis before he is 16.

Rosalie said...

Hi Marsha
Found your blog when I looked up who else is dealing with the big C. I was diagnosed with breast cancer seven months pregnant and documented my experience through blogging. Helped a ton. Good to know others are out there fighting with a good attitude.
Take care