Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My car is broken

I am carless today. Had to take my car in to the Hyundai dealership for repairs. It has been acting up lately - acting like it isn't getting enough gas in idle and trying to stall. Then last night when I got home I put it in park and the RPM's revved up to 3 1/2 like I was stepping on the gas, but I wasn't. I put it back in drive and it went back to shaking and acting like it wasn't getting enough gas. This morning when I drove it in I had to put on my hazard lights and drive really slowly because it wasn't shifting into higher gear - just revving up the RPM's. Scary. But luckily the dealership is very close to my house. We thought about taking it to a shop David uses a lot for his Subaru, but I would have had to get on the interstate and I was too scared to. It will probably cost a ton more at the dealership though. Sigh.

I guess it doesn't matter, it is only money. I just am tired of bleeding money. I owe almost $800 in medical bills that should be arriving in the mail any day now. Actually, I have $450 of them sitting in my kitchen and I am waiting for the rest. David gets a bonus next month, which means we should be able to pay it, but it just sucks that his bonus can't go to something fun instead. (No David, you can't have a moped, dammit!)I just hope my car doesn't require some crazy amount of work. And I hope I am not stranded here, not able to work or go anywhere for very long.

My sister's boys are staying at my mom's for a few days and Jackson and I were over there last night so they could all play. I was going to go again after work, but then my car went kaput. So my brought them over here for a little while to play after they had lunch with my grandmother. Cameron and Elijah tired Jackson out and he's fast asleep in his bed. I'll probably have to wake him up soon so he won't be up all night.

David started rehearsals for his next show yesterday. I love you, you're perfect, now change. It is a musical with 2 men and 2 women playing all the parts. It is kind of an everyman/woman show about relationship and marriage cliches. He is really excited to be in it and the other three cast members are first class singers and actors as well. It should be quite a show. It will open Sept 19th.

The downside is that he rehearses in Austin and coming home after work before rehearsal would be wasteful. So he is working 9a-6p on rehearsal days and going strait there. So for a couple of months, Jackson and I won't see him much. And I will have to carry nearly all of the Jackson load on weekdays. Cept, he thinks he might have Sat rehearsals to, but I am blocking that out and trying not to think about it. Let's just say that he is going to owe me big after this an had better produce one hell of a show. And a kick-ass fifth anniversary weekend in October after the show closes(hint hint).

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Fire Berry said...

Hey, heh, HEY! It is ALREADY a kick ass show, promise. And thanks for working together in ways that permit Dave to do this one. You'll love the show. Every minute of it.

Thanks for the Dave loan -- and there's only two rehearsals on a Saturday.

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