Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I have wheels once more!

I finally got my car back this evening and the great news is that it didn't cost me a dime. Not a penny. I had a blown intake gasket, not that I know what that is. And said gasket is covered under my 100k mile power train warranty, not that I know what that is. I am just glad it is fixed and didn't eat into my bank account. It drove quite nicely home from the dealership; it was my nice, happy little Hyundai again. It sure seems like a lot of serious things have broken on this car - cracked struts, something with the axle last month, I can't remember what else. But as many times as I have had it in the shop, the only money I have spent is oil changes and tires. And one battery. Oh, last month I took it in because the break lights wouldn't go off. That was under warranty too.

So do they give you the warranty because they know you are going to need it? Cause as long as I don't have to spend a ton on repairs and the people at the dealership are nice to me, which they always are, I will continue to have a good relationship with and be likely to buy another Hyundai. Next time I want a Sonata, it is the size bigger sedan than the Elatra. Not for a while though, I really like not having a car payment.

The house is quiet. David is at rehearsal and Jackson has been asleep since 7:20. Mom brought Cam and Eli over again and we went swimming at my neighborhood pool. Jackson swimmied around the pool with the big boys for a while and then they played on the playground. They didn't get here till nearly one, so Jackson missed his nap today.

He was an absolute bear by 3:30 this afternoon and I am very proud that I managed to not beat him. I understood he was overtired. And he has a little runny nose so he may not be feeling great.

In fact he just woke up a little crying, says he feels like throwing up. But then he just rolled over and went back to sleep, so I am not sure.

My house is a wreck from two whole days of being housebound with the boys visiting. My kitchen floor is covered in dirt and grass and crumbs and I don't know what. Whatever boys track in when they come in and out. I did manage to do most of my laundry yesterday and today. And I have been watching as much of The Deadliest Catch as I can. Why do I love this show about Alaskan crab fisherman? Cause their job is crazy dangerous and exciting? Cause they are in negative temps and are wet and still work their butts off 36 to 72 hours at a time? I dunno. Those guys are crazy and I can't imagine living like them. But I love to watch. Especially in HD.

We kicked out Dish Network and went back to Time Warner Cable. Upgraded to an HD/DVR and are now watching actual HD on our HD TV for the first time after a year of ownership. It looks awesome, and I thought it looked good before. So we have a cheap rate locked in for two years and expect to have to switch back to dish when they try to double our rates after our 2 years is up. I guess you have to play the game if you don't want to get screwed. Dish Network wanted to charge us $175 to upgrade to HD/DVR and then a fee per month. When we go back as new customers they will do it for free. So there.

So I got a birthday present early this week. My mother-in-law took me to the Coach outlet and let me pick a purse. So I chose this one. Something I can use every day and should last for a while. We got it for half of what new ones are selling for on Ebay. The store was packed with people. All of the discount designer purse hunters. And there I was in the thick of it. Me. Funny. I can say that I love the smell of the leather and the quality of the stitching and workmanship. This is not a Wal-Mart purse. Of course it is an outlet mall buy, which means I would most certainly be called out as a poser for carrying last year's design by any moneyed fashionista who saw me. But what the hell, I love it and even love the fact that it didn't cost even close to what they charge online or in regular Coach stores. So thank you so much, Susanne. And thank you to my husband, cause I bought myself a matching wallet-from him-for my birthday.


Anonymous said...

Hey,Marsha, I thought it was alot of fun it that store...I enjoyed it..
Our next goal is for you to get that other purse or the purple one.....
We are on a mission, guys just don;t understand that.....they have no idea..they are missing so much in life....
I looked on ebay also..we rock, we got a good
I also ordered that book....yeah

Anonymous said...

Sorry for the spelling error, I hate that....more than anything