Thursday, July 31, 2008

Is this some kind of a joke?

Um...just a question to all of my real-life friends. Did one or several of you decide to play a joke on us and break into my house to set my brand new DVR to record all episodes of Law & Order playing anytime on any channel? Cause when I got home from work today and turned on the TV, it was trying to record Law & Order and failed, telling me the DVR was too full to record anything. "How strange," I thought. I have only recorded one movie and an hour-long TV show. How could that fill it up completely. Heh. If you tell your DVR to record all episodes of Law & Order playing on any channel at any time, which I certainly did not, the DVR will be full in two days. As I deleted the countless number of episodes from my stuffed DVR, I got to thinking that would be a terrific joke to play on a buddy. Just anytime you are visiting a friend's house and they get up to use the john, quickly grab their remote and set it to record all of the Law & Orders. And if you really wanted to get them, add the SVU's in there for good measure. I know I got a good laugh deleting them all. But then I started to feel guilty for not looking to see if there were Jerry Orbach episodes and watching those in tribute.

So...ahem Elaine...ahem if you came over here and did that, good one. BTW, I have just ordered your birthday present...

In other fabulous news, Jackson has made significant progress this week in potty training! He hasn't had an accident in days and even more exciting is that he has begun to tell me that he needs to go - numba one and numba two! He has lost his panic at pooing on the potty and in fact has started doing it 3 or 4 times a day! I am sure we will have more accidents especially at nap and overnight times. But things seem to have clicked into place in his mind and he is really doing great. I am so happy! He peed on the potty for the first time May 26th, we put him in underpants about June 12th and this last week of July, he is finally taking responsibility for saying he needs to go. Nice.

Course I probably just jinxed it by writing that last paragraph, so I take it all back. It is going just terribly ;)

It has been very busy at work this week and since Jackson is in his Kinderdance camp, I have been working most of the days. And I am having the best time. How weird is it that I am happy energized at work because it is busy with opening a show tomorrow and opening a whole season in September? The phone is ringing, people are coming in to by tickets and order season tickets and I am adding up the transaction reports at the end of the day and posting deposits of thousands of dollars. Granted a lot of the money coming in is for the Summer Theatre School still going on for the kids. But I still love doing the reports and seeing how much money we are bringing in and feeling happy. Happy that I have this job, happy that I am useful and productive and working in theatre. And happy that I am not sick. I love that part. So it has been busy and I have been busting butt and enjoying it.

Tomorrow is the last day of Jackson's camp and I get to go see the short presentation tomorrow at 11:30. I am not expecting him to have mastered any choreography he may have been taught, I just hope he has been having fun and will perform something. I have asked all week to show me some dancing and he says no. But he has been anxious in the mornings to get in the car and go to 'dancing school' and can hardly wait to get there.

Ha, I just had to stop for a miute because Jackson told me "the pee pee's trying to come out." It is funny, he does the pee pee dance and everything.

Are you supposed to feel such pride when your kid has learned to hold his urine till sitting on the toilet? I am so proud.

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~E said...

Hahaha. You know, while reading your post, I was thinking how hilarious and great it was that it was Law and Order. You know how I feel about my SVU. :)))) I wish I had thought of that prank.