Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Stupid Butts and stuff

Today Jackson drew two pictures for me. One was a tarantula that actually looked like a spiderish creature. And the other was a "stupid butt" that didn't look anything like any stupid butts I have ever known. "Mama, this is a picture of a stupid butt," he said proudly. Ah, the things they learn at school. I laughed out loud. I have a feeling I wasn't supposed to.

Other things he must have learned in school include the nuggets of wisdom, "Mommy, no one else wants to see your pee pee," And "Daddy, you just can't take other people's ice cream." That one he sure didn't learn at home since in my house ice cream is fair game and the sweetest ice cream is the ice cream you steal from a loved one. That is just a universal truth isn't it?

Why am I so fascinated by the show Toddlers & Tiaras that profiles people who put their tiny girls in pageants in full make-up, hair pieces, fake eyelashes and spray tans? This shit is sick. Really. But I can't stop watching. 5-year-olds that look like 25-year-olds and walk like grinning, wooden, puppets. Maybe I am jealous cause I never manage to look so polished and put together no matter how many hours I try. Or maybe not. I still watch Miss America when it comes on, so I guess I am an unconscious product of our society's over-emphasis on beauty and sexiness. But at least I have the common sense to know that you shouldn't tell your 4-year-old who is dancing around happily after 'winning' a huge consolation trophy that she shouldn't be happy because "Baby doll, you lost. You didn't win anything." Geez. Way to go Mom and Dad. You suck.

I had dinner tonight with a friend from high school. Really, she's a friend from elementary, jr. high and high school. I had a really good time talking to her and seeing the person she has become. That sounds so incredibly cheesy. But it is true none-the-less. Facebook has really given me the chance to connect with people I haven't talked to in years. I didn't know how much I would enjoy that. And how much I miss the connection with people I grew up with and left behind without looking back. Technology is awesome. And it is such a small world. This woman I grew up with lives not a mile from me and has a good friend that lives on my street. We will be making happy hour a regular event, for sure.


Erin Geren said...

Hilarious Marsha! Another great quote from Jackson:). Oh, and Facebook, yeah, it has been a blast for me too. I am constantly amazed at how grown up these people look! I guess it's time to admit that I am indeed an adult now. LOL!

Thespian Xenophile said...


I think every boy, little or big, needs to hear about not everyone wanting to see thier pee-pee.