Friday, February 06, 2009

In the Pipeline

Last night I went to a planning meeting for the 2009 Relay For Life. You might remember last year's event was rained/tornadoed out and I didn't get to speak as planned. But they remember me and I am scheduled to talk at this year's even, both at the Survivor's Dinner and later on the field. At the planning meeting I was presented with a bright green t-shirt that I earned last year. It is an award for having raised over $1000 last year. They didn't get to present them last year, for obvious reasons so I got mine now. And it motivated me to think about fundraising again this year. And so I shall.

Also, I have been invited to a reading for a play in a few weeks. Some local directors like to do private reading of shows they are going to direct so they get a feel for it before auditions. It is always an honor to be invited to read a part at one of these. And though it doesn't mean you will get a part in the show; you still have to go through the audition process, it sometimes gives you a leg up if you find you want to be in the show. And you get to meet other actors and gain some measure of exposure through the networking of it all. Plus is is a fun, low-pressure chance to act a little. I have to brush off my British accent for this one, which I haven't used in a while. But I love British comedy and I am looking forward to it.

My DC trip is starting to come together. We have bought tickets to a show at the Kennedy Center for Friday night. It is a show called The Spectacular 2009. The description from the website sounded really interesting:

"Divine Performing Arts presents The Spectacular 2009, a grand production of classical Chinese performing arts, featuring over 100 Chinese dancers, vocalists, and musicians. Inspired by 5,000 years of Chinese history and culture, the Spectacular showcases traditional Chinese dance, vocal and
instrumental music, and music written for Chinese and western instruments. Masterful choreography,gorgeous costumes, and digitally animated backdrops combine in an artistic expression of the human spirit that is truly universal."

We also just booked an evening tour for the night we get there. It is a little bit of a risk since the tour is at 7:00 and we fly in at 3:30. That doesn't leave us a lot of room for delays and dinner. But we decided to risk booking it anyway. It isn't that expensive, and if it works out we get to tour the monuments at night and get a good orientation to the city. So hopefully it will work out and our flight will be on time and we get to do a fun DC at night tour. If it doesn't work out then we'll just do something else.

We still have not made any reservations for dinner for Valentine's Day. It is so hard to pick a restaurant off the internet. So much pressure. I'll probably keep looking around this weekend. There are some Potomac dinner cruises that sound fun, but they aren't cheap...and my husband is...I'm kidding...sorta...:) We may book something or maybe we'll wing it. I dunno.

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Julie said...

A close friend of mine lives in D.C. I just emailed him for a recommendation and I'll let you know what he says!