Monday, February 02, 2009

Trip planning

In a week and a half from now David and I will be heading to Washington DC on a little vacation. My mom and my dad will be keeping Jackson. Right now I am poring through web sites looking at tours, dining, shows, clubs. It is so overwhelming trying to schedule and decide what to do and when to do it. I think we may just make some tentative plans and schedule the tours that must be scheduled in advance and then wing it with the restaurants and stuff. Valentine's day could be busy in the restaurants. I don't know if we should pick some place and make reservations or just be spontaneous.

Also, I suspect it will be cold, like it was in NYC last year. We have this new tradition of vacationing in February and heading north. The travel is cheap and the tourist sites are less busy. But it is cold. So I need to drag out my warm stuff and see about a hat. The hat I wore last year may not work because I have hair this year. But my red coat will once again come out of the closet. And the scarves I bought last year.

This trip came on so fast, we haven't been planning it for more than a month, it seems sort of unreal. Are we really going? Shit, I am not ready! But I am getting excited and hoping for a warm front to hit DC. I requested White House and Capital tours from my US Rep. But it is kinda late and I may not get in. I can book my own tour of the Capital, but the White House may not happen. But that is ok.

I am looking forward to spending at a whole day in the American History Museum and a few other of the Smithsonian museums.

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Jooley Ann said...

Y'all would probably really enjoy the Folger Shakespeare Library:

They've got "A Winter's Tale" running in their theatre right now, and tickets are $32-45. Not bad for a show in DC.

I can't tell from the website whether they'll have an Exhibit while you're there. They've got the coolest old books you've ever seen.

Fascinating place. I highly recommend it!