Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Scan Hunger

I am not looking forward to tomorrow. I have a PET scan which is tedious. Which means that my diet has been limited to protein since noon today and my dinner of a ham and cheese omelet isn't cutting it. Did you know that nearly all snack food is carbs and/or sugar? Sigh. I am hungry and can't stand to eat anymore eggs and cheese.

Tomorrow my arrival time at the radiology center isn't until 2:15. Table time at 3:30. Scan takes about 40 minutes. So I won't get out of there till 4:30 if they are running on time. And I can't eat til after the scan. I can have water. I do get to have about a half gallon of barium when I arrive at 2:15. Yummy.

All of this in hopes that the scan will find nothing.

Grrr. I get testy when I am hungry. I'm complaining. I'll stop.

Jackson is a funny boy. He was feeling a little needy this afternoon, probably reacting to the fact that I am hungry and cranky. I was sitting on my couch as I often do when I get home from work and instead of coming to sit with me as he usually does, he went and sat on the other couch and wanted me to come sit with him. I told him his spot was right over here waiting for him. He said "No there is room right over here for you." Then he sat there crying a little saying "I want my love. I need my love." I told him "I have it Jackson, it is right over here, come get it." So he did. Came and climbed in my lap to get his love.

Shit, damn, fark, I am hungry. I want a bowl of cereal or a piece of peanut butter toast. I hate PET scan starvation.

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