Saturday, February 21, 2009

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Today was kind of a busy day. I went to a baby shower and to a reading from there. The baby shower was nice. No silly games, just good conversation and baby gifts. Just the way I like em.

From there I went to the reading of Hay Fever I mentioned a few weeks ago. I dusted off my British accent after a few years of not using it and I did pretty well. I always get self-conscious about it at first, listening to the way the other people sound, what they are doing. And in this instance we had a bona fide English Actor reading with us; a somewhat well-known lady in Austin Theatre, so I was definitely wanting to get it right. But I shouldn't have worried. I fell back into it quickly and had a really good time. In fact during the break this British actor told me that I had a really good accent and wanted to know where I have worked on it. I wasn't sure what to answer since I haven't trained on accents anywhere, I have just done several shows requiring one and I seem to have an ear for it. But it felt good for her to ask. This is the second time a British actor has given me accent kudos. When I did The Importance of Being Earnest several years ago, Our Lady Bracknell was British and told me that I had the best accent she had ever heard on an American actor. I was blown away by that because I always feel like I am not doing enough, being big enough, that I am too subtle. But with these kudos from people who know it really gives me confidence to be gentle with it, just let it come naturally and not push it to hard. Unless you are reading Monty Python.

David and I went to see Shadow Box last night. My friends in the NxNW Theatre company produced it. I had a few people seem interested in my reaction to a play about terminally ill people and their relationships. But it didn't really affect me in a personal way like you would expect. Mostly because it is kind of old hat to me. I have explored those themes in my own head, in my own family for a year and a half. So seeing them onstage was not traumatic to me. Especially since all they did was explore the issues of dying and living while dying. No one died on stage. There were no children crying for their parents. So it didn't kick my emotional ass. I enjoyed the play.

I know I have more DC blogging to do. And I will get to it soon. Maybe tomorrow. Or maybe not. David and I are going to a program at Wellspring Church, where Jackson goes to school. They are having a celebration of African American History Month in song and will be hosting 4 or 5 different choirs. Since David will be directing Big River this spring/summer we thought that would be a good opportunity to scope out some singers and invite them to auditions. Plus I hope to hear some good music.

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Ronni said...

I got a Facebook invitation to audition for "Hay Fever." I thought I might...did they have a good Clara at the reading?