Friday, December 26, 2008

Good Holiday!

Another Christmas has come and gone with much food eaten, many gifts given and received and lots of family time. It has been a good one. This year is a little different than last year. I have hair this year. It is at that floppy, limpy stage of growing out, but still, hair.

Jackson was a lot of fun this year. At DAvid's folk's house on Christmas Eve, he learned that presents keep on coming, even when you are happily playing with the new toy you already opened. So we gave him a break, let him play with his toys and then let him finish opening gifts when he was ready. He was pretty happy and he behaved so well with all the people and the noise and talking and laughing. I was pretty proud of him.

On Christmas day we headed to my Dad's place and spent the night there. Jackson got to play with his cousins, Emma and Grayce. He sure loves the company of other kids. It is nice to watch him play and negotiate and have a good time.

This afternoon after we got home, we went through his toys in his room sorting out the ones that we can donate or get rid of. He has lots of toys that will stand the test of time, like his many matchbox cars, and then he has toys that came with happy meals or were a dollar at Walgreen's and I couldn't say no. And we were easily able to create some space for all the new toys he got for Christmas. I could have culled many, many more toys from his toy box, he was so ok with it, but I didn't want to go overboard. Every once and a while I would pick up a toy I was sure he didn't care about, and he would protest. But all in all, he was really awesome and not at all afraid to give up something he doesn't play with anymore. It made me happy. It doesn't mean anything probably, but I felt like maybe we haven't spoiled him too rotten if he wants to donate some of his toys to other kids to play with. Heh, he was so ok with it, David and I kept explaining over and over what donate means, we weren't sure he understood.

Thanks to everyone for your generosity and love this year as always. I feel very lucky to have way more than I need and most everything that I want. Not much more I can ask for.

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