Sunday, December 28, 2008

Jackson Gems

First I promised a picture of Jackson in some of the new clothes his Omi gave him for Christmas.

Jackson has had some pretty funny things to say as of late. Today for instance, I was drinking a cup of faux coffee of the international foods persuasion. I don't do it very often and I was surprised by the little buzz it gave me. I said to David "Coffee makes me high." Jackson heard this and came running excitedly over. "Does coffee make you high, Mama? Are you high up, all the way to the sky?"

I asked him this morning, as I do once in a while, why he came to my room last night. He always has interesting answers so I keep asking. Today his answer was skeletons. There were skeletons in his room, yellow and green ones, and he had to run to my room where we all hid from them. He didn't seem particularly scared talking about it, but it just convinces me more that he has the same tendency toward nightmares that I have. Or there really are skeletons in his room. Not sure which.

I am pretty happy with the new camera I got for Christmas. It is so small and easy to use. And it takes pictures much faster than my old one. Which means that I am more likely to get the boy actually looking at the camera for the split second he gives me to take the picture. But even the misses are better looking with this camera. It makes me look like I can take a decent picture. I like it. Here is one of my favorites and it was a technical miss.

And I took a couple of movies with it, but my laptop can't play them cause they are MP4's which I don't know anything about, but apparently need a differnet player to see them on my system. I will have to download one soon cause I shot a great video of Jackson looking for Aunt Elaine in a drainage ditch. Not sure why he thought she was in there, or what he thought she was doing, but the video is cute. I'll post that for you, Elaine, if I can find a player.

Tomorrow I am going to work to finish the playbill and then I am off again til Friday. I hear rumor of a cavort for New Year's Eve, as is tradition, but have not yet gotten the evite. Hint. Hint.


~E said...

I look forward to seeing the video! Jackson has such a great imagination. :) He is starting to look like a big boy.

Julie said...

A quick camera is the most important part of a Mommy or Daddy's (whoever is the photographer in the family) arsenal. Enjoy!

I download all my pictures and video using Picasa 3, which is free from Google, and it works great. You might try it for your video.

Jooley Ann said...

Oooh. A cavort? Would it be rude of me to ~hint hint~ too? :)