Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Perks of a Son

I was out shopping with Jackson yesterday and had just finished in a store that had no public bathroom when Jackson started pee pee dancing fiercely. The boy needed to go and he needed to go now. The store we had come out of - not saying where for secret husband present reasons - was very crowded and I doubted I could get one of the sales clerks to understand that we needed a toilet and could care less if it was employees only. So being the MacGyver mom that I am, I improvised. I pulled the empty coke bottle from under the back seat of the car, turned the dome light off and explained to my bewildered son that I did indeed want him to pee pee in the bottle. He didn't object and seemed to enjoy the novelty. He even wanted to examine (shake) the bottle afterwards, which of course, I didn't allow. I was instantly grateful for this neat-o benefit of having a son.

We went as a family last night to a 'waiting for Santa party' that my friends throw every other year in which attendees wear their pj's. I was going to go by myself, but Jackson heard me on the phone with my sister talking about the party and was devistated when I said he was staying home with his dad. I told him kids weren't invited, that it was a grown-up party. He cried and cried and said "I am invited, mama, I am invited." We were driving home at the time, he and I, and when we got home he refused to get out of the car. He was so sad and cried that he was staying in the car and going to the party with me. David decided, what the hell, he'd come too and bring Jackson. And Jackson was a really good boy, even though it was way past his bedtime and he was sleepy. He is such a sociable boy and charmed his way around the party. David took him home and left me there to hang out longer since was having a good time and the boy needed to go home. There were several Round Rock based friends there and I could ride home with any of them.

I had a really good time and lots of good conversation. Unfortunately I had a few glasses of champagne after having had a few glasses of wine and it was simply too much and I made myself sick. Like a teenager. I ought to know better. I paid for it for half of today and my stomach is a little tender still. But I had a great time and Andy sent me this picture he snapped of us in our pj's. If you look close, you can make out the blue stitches still in my cheek.

Which come out tomorrow morning! Yay! I really am ready for the itchy stitches to come out. The scar looks really good and I think I am going to be really happy with the way it looks. Hell, it already looks better than it did. The incision line is still red/pink, of course, but the texture of it looks better and the dimple is gone. It does dimple slightly when I smile, but that is ok with me. That is how a real dimple behaves. It was the dent that was there when my face was at rest that I objected to. So I am feeling good about it and can't wait til tomorrow when the blue stitches are gone.

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