Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Worn Out

I am finally sitting on my couch watching the boobtube and relaxing after a long day. Today was an odd day with a mixture of good and not so good. I overslept a bit and was in a hurry to get ready and pack Jackson's lunch and get him to school on time. I was a few minutes late, no big deal. But I did forget to check his backpack to make sure I had a change of clothes in there. Not so good, since he had dirty clothes in the bag from yesterday, not clean clothes for today. And he peed on the playground at school today and when they went for his clean clothes the cupboard (in this case the Lightning McQueen backpack) was bare. Crapola, I suck! The school apparently has an unclaimed clothes bin and managed to find some spares for him. But boy do I feel like a dufus.

And since we were going to the Palace for his nap where he had an opportunity to pee and need clothes, and going strait from work to the circus and might need clothes, I decided to make use of the washer at the theatre while Jackson napped. I figured it was hot enough outside to dry the clothes without a dryer since we don't have a working dryer at the Palace yet. So that is what I did. Washed his stuff, hung them to dry and had some spares just in case. Of course he didn't need them, so my effort was in vain. Oh well.

Another downer today was the migraine I got after I picked up the boy from school. Luckily I had a migraine pill with me, my last one, and managed to head off the worst of it. But I did feel pretty sick most of the afternoon. So much so that I almost cancelled the circus plans. But my Mom met me at the Palace and massaged my neck a little and helped me relax. I felt better almost immediately. Not so nauseated and woozy. she says I just needed to let the meds work. I say I just needed my mommy. So we got Jackson up from his nap and headed to the circus.

The Shriner's circus was held at the Sheriff's Posse Arena in Georgetown. In basically the show barn. Another stupid thing I did today was forget to get cash before going to the circus. We were in line for ticket when I realized, holy crap, I don't have enough cash. Luckily my mom had enough for our tickets and between us we had enough for a snow cone and some popcorn. Inside the barn we encountered dirt floors, of course, and about 90+ degrees. Man it was hot. We also ran right into the huge display of bloy up carnival-type balloons shaped like animals, sponge bob, the incredible hulk and so on. And of course Jackson was desperate for one. But alas we had no more cash, so no inflatable for Jackson. Also no twirly lights, glowing swords or elephant puppets on a stick. He was pretty upset, but there was enough going on that he settled down after about 10 minutes of begging fro various toys and hearing the same response. He understood after a while and began answering himself. "We don't have enough money for a balloon" he'd say. But not sadly really. I think he really understood that I was not telling him no, but I was saying that they wouldn't give us one. I got a few pictures before my camera batteries went kaput.

So we watched the acrobat troupe, the ladies who climb the rope and do aerial work, elephants, a juggler, a girl who did amazing things with a dozen hula hoops, and the grand finale - the motorcycle dudes in the iron globe. It was hot and literally dirty in there, but we managed to have a good time, see some cool stuff and in the end I found a couple more dollars hidden in my purse for a coloring book. Inside the coloring book was a voucher for a souvenir toy - a little plastic twirly airplane with propellers. Probably worth about a nickle from China, but it made Jackson happy. "We had enough money for an airplane!" He happily repeated. I guess I am teaching him about money.

Also cool was that in the parking lot, before the circus we met up, totally by chance, with my brother's ex-wife and my neices. So we all sat together and my mom got to visit with three of her grandchildren at the circus. It was nice to see them.

And now I am very beat. Migraine hangover, a little dehydrated and worn out. But happy that my mixed good/bad day weighed in a little heavier on the good side.

Tomorrow I will get up a little earlier so I can take a little more time on my hair style that I have to learn how to fix. I know it is possible now, I have seen it and have photographic evidence and I dropped some change on the exact styling products and equipment she used. It can be cute. If it looks crappy it is totally user error and not the fault of the hair or cut. So I bought a flat iron today so I can make the ends all flippy and a new hand mirror so I can see the back of my head. Mine got broken in a bathroom accident a few months ago and my 'whatever' attitude about my hair meant that I was indifferent to the way it looked in the back. Now I am beginning to care, so I bought a new one. I have studied yesterday's picture to see where I went wrong today and will have another go at it tomorrow.

Oh and my toe is not actually broken, some ice and some darvocet last night fixed me right up. I will endeavor not to drop sprinklers on it in the future. And it fricken rained like crazy last night. Sigh. The watering was unnecessary anyway.

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