Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Success at the Salon...I think

Okay, so I went to my hair appt with my hair in pretty rough shape. I barely bothered to fix it knowing I was going in to beg for help. It was lank and greasy-looking because the styling waxy stuff I have been using is too heavy for my hair. It worked well when my hair was very short to smooth things down, but I knew it wasn't what I needed. I just had no idea what I do need now. So I went in expecting to buy some products and my credit card was not disappointed. It is an Aveda Salon, so I know at least it is good stuff. And Maria knew immediately what we needed to do. She parted it on the other side, blew it out with the ends curling up and put this cool powder-that-turns-to-liquid stuff to texturize it. She also cut almost two inches off the back to end the mullet nightmare for another two months. The top of my hair has a long way to go to catch up with the back, so the plan is to keep the back cut and shaped while we wait for that to happen. The result is a style that I almost...actually...like. I am feeling pretty good about it. Maria figured out how to make the most of the length that I have. I walked out with my hair looking longer than when I went in. It was well worth the money I spent in there today.

I also got my nails done. So this morning I really indulged in some appearance therapy. And I feel good. So I took a self-portrait in the afternoon sunlight in my backyard. Ignore the dying grass please.

Jackson enjoyed another school day and made it through without wetting his pants. So far it has only been the first day that he had an accident. I am pleased that he got over having to ask a stranger for help going to the potty. And when I picked him up the teacher told me he was a good listener although he needs to be wrangled sometimes. She says he plays nicely with the other kids and loves to be out on the playground. She lost me at 'good listener.' Say what? Since when does he listen? He certainly doesn't listen to me. But I am glad he is behaving. He is still not eating much of his lunch. He gets too excited to eat. It took a few weeks for him to eat at school this past spring. I am hoping he will settle into it and eat his lunch soon. I bought a 10 oz thermos bowl with a wide mouth that keeps food hot for 5 hours. So I can pack soup or mac & cheese for him. I think he might like hot food better than sandwiches. Cause in his 3 year eating career he has never liked sandwiches of any kind. No burgers, no hot dogs, no tuna. He doesn't get the concept of picking up a sand which to eat it. Only wants to pull it apart and eat it that way if he eats it at all. Oh well.

Heh, I am watching House on TV. One of the docs is doing a bone marrow biopsy on a teenager. With only local anesthetic. "Take a deep breath, this is gonna hurt...a lot." Makes me laugh because when I had my bone marrow biopsy from the same place - hip bone, entered from the butt end - it was CT scan-guided, not done in a patient room and I had really good drugs. I don't remember feeling anything but the cold sharpie pen marking the 'X' on my ass in prep for the biopsy. They don't put you out, instead the drug cocktail (fentanyl & versed) both eases the pain and acts as an amnesiac. You don't remember. But I guess "Hold on, this is gonna hurt," makes for better TV. And I admit I did have a few of those moments during my cancer treatment. So I know they exist. Just not during my bone marrow biopsy.

I have lots on my calendar in the next few weeks. This Friday night is Andrea's 30th birthday party. Big night for my bf, she is joining the ranks of us geezers this side of 30. I am hoping to go welcome her to the crowd, but I need a sitter since David has rehearsal till 9:30 or 10.

Next weekend, 9/19 - 9/21 is the much anticipated Planet Cancer Young Survivor's retreat at The Crossings. It is a free weekend conference for survivors between 25 and 40(45?). I will get to meet other young adults from across the country who have been or are going through the roller coaster of a cancer diagnosis. Activities include a cooking demonstration from the chef at the resort, a writing/journaling workshop focused on therapeutic writing, an I didn't know I could paint workshop, and a stress reduction/coping techniques workshop. There is some free time scheduled and all the workshops are optional, so I get to decide what to do. I know I need to spend some time on their hiking trails. They also have a full service spa with massages and facials and such. They are kinda metaphysical, so they even have some numerology and astrology readings you can sign up for. Also on the campus that weekend they are beginning trapeze classes and I can sign up for one if I want to spring for the $90 myself. They teach trapeze basics that include a hand-catch to the coach. OMG, that sounds like fun! I don't know if I can pass that up, but I worry that I won't have the strength in my arms to do it. Not to mention my abs. I am pretty outta shape. And I am afraid of heights. I have to think about that one. Perhaps I will just make sure I go watch a class. I at least have to check it out.

Speaking of trapeze artists, the Shriner's circus in in Georgetown tomorrow for one day. They are doing a 4:30 and a 7:30 show. I haven't told him yet, but after work tomorrow, Mom is meeting me at the Palace and we are taking Jackson to the circus. I have heard it was coming for weeks, but I kinda forgot about it until today. I saw a poster and said, "crap, that is tomorrow!" I have to remember to take my stinking camera. I have gotten out of the habit of taking pictures lately.

Sigh, I just took a break to turn off the sprinkler and dropped it on my foot. I fear I may have broken something as I can barely move my little toe. That really sucks, I must say.


Abigail said...

You look great!

Julie said...

Your hair looks adorable!

Tim said...

Your hair looks great!

Jooley Ann said...

Yes, what they said! The haircut is gorgeous. :)

And I hope your toe is okay!!

Fire Berry said...

You're farkin' hot!