Monday, September 15, 2008

Crisp Weather

It is mid-September and today we are getting a taste of crisp fall weather. Not stifling hot but nice, with a breeze that hints of a cold front coming. This weather always makes me feel excited and anxious. To me it will forever be linked with high school football weather. I feel the need to put on my leotard and skirt with a little purple bolero jacket. I am ready to take up my flag and hit the field with the marching band at half-time. I crave a Frito pie - with chili and cheese poured right in to open bag of Fritos. That was awesome. And meeting kids from other schools and hardly paying any attention to the football game, because the night was all about performing and socializing and eating and sometimes even making out on the bus ride home.

I feel this way at the beginning of every fall season. And it is always a bit of a downer to come home after work and not have a game to go to. I spend all day feeling expectant and excited and there is no bus waiting to take me to a game/performance. It kinda sucks.

This is why I tell all the high school kids I know who do a lot of theatre to absolutely participate in high school dance teams, band, theatre; everything they can. I see so many of them doing theatre with local theatres instead, but I tell them that we will still be here later, but this is the only time they get to perform the half-time show for their school. They need to do UIL one-act competitions and their Spring Musicals. They shouldn't miss out on that to play with the Palace all the time.

Sigh. I don't actually want to go back to high school, not even a little. But I do remember fondly my time spent in the color guard of the marching band. This weather and performing will always be linked for me. I just need to try to get into plays that go up in Sept/October to cash in on all this energy and expectation. And if I could possibly finagle a school bus ride to get to the theatre, that would be perfect.

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eefolsom said...

Don't worry, your time for High School (and even Middle School) Football Games will come! Only this time you will be people watching and remenicing about when you were the kids walking around and not paying attention to the game. And I bet David wouldn't mind a little making out under the bleachers;).