Friday, August 08, 2008

Birthday and Busy Days

I'm watching the Beijing opening ceremonies on my HD TV with the lights off. Pretty amazing! The colors and lights and intricate dances of people and technology is awesome. Wonder what it might be like to see it in person. Incredible. The dancers are in perfect synchronization, their timing perfect. What wonderful theatre it is. And women in colorful Chinese traditional costume are stunning, holy crap. I just heard that there are 15,000 performers working on the show. Hope you all get a chance to see some of this.

Yesterday was David's birthday. We started the celebration with a trip to my dentist. David and Jackson came along to watch me get my teeth cleaned. We thought it would be a good idea for Jackson to see me being worked on so that when we take him for his first cleaning in the near future he may be a little less freaked out. Not sure if it will really make a difference, but it sounds good. Now I just need to find a nearby pediatric dentist and get an appt. Probably the wrong time of year for that, back to school and all. But it needs to be done. Though my hygenist told me that kids don't build up tarter like adults do as a rule. Some exceptions of course, but they don't have to do much scraping on them, just check-ups and polishing.

After the dentist visit we had a nice family brunch at Kerby Lane, which I must point out to Elaine, is quite definitely better than that nice little local cafe we frequent. Lots of fresh fruit and the freshest tasting orange juice I ever had. We stuffed ourselves.

David's folks came over for dinner and birthday celebrating. And his mom made him a cat cake. I have been hearing about the legendary cat cake ever since I met David. Every birthday he talks about how his mother used to make him a cat cake every birthday. He talks so much about it that this year his mom decided to surprise him with one. And it was as tasty as it was pretty. (The true test of its worth is if fellow cancer-surviving blogger Radioactive Girl sees this picture and decided to copy it:)

David and I got our birthday presents from the Sray's who are always very generous. We got our own power washer so we don't have to borrow theirs. And both of us got all kinds of clothes. Mine are hip and trendy as usual. My mother-in-law knows how to dress me so I look cool. Enviable shopper that she is. I also got some gorgeous earrings and fancy soaps and a beautiful bright pink hand bag for fancy dress-up times.

Today at work was super-busy and I ran my buttocks off. It is so awesome that the Theatre is so busy with the show and the summer camps. We are just busy all the time now and with trying to get the new season up and all the bugs worked out, it sure makes for some hectic days. But I find that in the thick of it, when I am so busy I have to make a list to make sure I get to everything. And it is 3:00 on Friday and the printer shuts down in want of a new fusing and imaging unit and I am in the middle of printing 200 four-page, double-sided playbills for the children's performances in the morning and Progressive agrees to drop everything and come over immediately to work on it...well, when I am at my busiest and most productive all I can think is 'boy it's a good day to not have cancer.' And it is. I love working my ass off at the theatre. I feel respected by my co-workers and valued by the board members and appreciated by the patrons, who know I try to make them all feel like friends, especially the season ticket holders. It is a good day to have a job in the theatre. Thanks Palace, I love you, I do.

Tomorrow, bright and early, we are getting in the car and heading to my Dad's in Santa Anna. Haven't been out there, crap, I don't remember the last time. Easter-ish? It is time. My brother's band has a local gig and we will get to see them play. Should be fun.

We shall see how the 3-hour road trip sans diapers goes. Wish us luck!


~E said...

I know Kerbey is delicious! It is my favorite restaurant. Remember the other day I said I wanted to go there and you said it was the same as the local diner? LIES! :) It isn't. It is just too far to go to all the time. However, I have plans to go there tomorrow but I will have to check with you and A to see if that has changed. I heart Kerbey Lane.

eefolsom said...

I am so excited because Kerbey Lane is moving just a few doors down from my store! I've never been and look forward to going.

Quick warning for you Marsha, pediatric dentist does not always mean "kind to children" dentist. Audrey had some serious issues with blood and losing teeth when she was younger and I took her to a pediatric dentist in Austin. Not only did he not believe her issues, but he yelled at me in front of an entire room of people once. His name is Anthony Bain, so BEWARE! I got one little nice piece of justice though when Michael threw up on him during his first examination.....I warned the man about the gag refelx, but he didn't believe me. Hey buddy, next time listen to Mom, she does now best!