Monday, August 11, 2008

Olympic Commentators and My Brother's Band

I'm blogging while I watch the Olympics. Men's synchronized diving, right now. It is amazing to watch the athletes and witness how their hard work has culminated in seconds of perfection - or not. But I would rather watch them all do well and the best win as opposed to have someone really mess up when it counts. That is heartbreaking to imagine how awful it must feel to get that far and have so much riding on their performance, only to have something you've done perfectly a hundred times go wrong. I get nervous watching the gymnastics and the commentators don't help with their prophesies of doom and their constantly harping on just exactly what this means if the screw up. I hate it. David suggests I mute the TV while watching Olympics, but I like to hear some of the human interest stories and point values and such. So I have to take the good with the overwhelming amount of crap the commentators insist on spewing.

And I can't help talking back to them and finishing their implied thoughts. Such as "This gymnast never did achieve the greatness I expected. When I first saw her in 2004, I thought she was fabulous." I have to add, "Now I think she just sucks! What kind of crappy floor exercise is this? WTF?" Of course the gymnast they are talking about looks just as amazing as the others and I can't see what she is missing to be better than the others. But the comments just make me laugh.

These divers have not an ounce of fat on their bodies. They aren't very muscular, except in the abs. It is hard not to stare at and compare their bodies when they are wearing only tiny speedo's and standing so still on my HD TV as they prepare to dive. They just said that they try to pair men with similar looks and body types. And it is true that the guys that are about the same size look more in sync even when they aren't really better than the other team where one guy is bigger than the other.

Is this the most boring post you have ever read? Me live blogging the Olympics? I am boring myself. So I will change the subject.

David and I went to my Dad's house this weekend and got to see my brother's band play. It was a fun time, even though the smoke in the bar got to us both. It is hard to be around it when you aren't used to it. My throat hurt the next morning from the smoke and from talking so loud above the band. But they sounded great and we had fun. It is a treat to see my brother perform. He is a great drummer and a fabulous backup singer. When he sings with Kevin, the lead, he makes the sound fuller and whole. He is really good with harmony and blending his voice with Kevin, adding to the sound, with out taking focus. Though I think he should feature himself more vocally. I know it is hard though, to drum and sing at the same time. We can't all be Phil Collins.


Anonymous said...

Hey Marsha, I am a total Olympics addict, always have ask your whole family...
But I always loved the swimmers...
An it always made me feel guilty to just sit on the couch and munch on wanted to be in their shape..
Anyway, wish we could watch it together.....I have the same thoughts like you.
But hey I love the swimmers....?????
Eye candy.......
Bad me.....
I wish I could have seen your brother play again. We really enjoyed him playing that one time.
I thought he was great. I mean that.
Keep watching the Olympics, we can share thoughts and can get pissed off

Julie said...

I'm totally with you on the commenters. (And on being an Olympics addict, life stops around here during the Olympics!) Did you hear them talking about the Romanian women gympnasts the other night? A girl messed up and got a hug afterwards and they were like, "in the Romanian teams of old, there would be no hugs for a routine like that. And the girls would not be smiling and laughing." Basically they were longing for the days when the Romanians were regularly beat for not measuring up!