Monday, June 16, 2008

Potty, potty, potty

I need to blog, but I am too tired. Potty training along with the normal toddler mom duties and my work at the Palace have left me drained. I don't want to endlessly write about the toilet training, but I will say that it is going pretty well. Jackson had no pee accidents today and that is a testament to my constant vigil of clock-watching and cajoling him onto the potty with various rewards and incentives. We still have not had any success getting him to #2 into the potty. Though I did chase him around for two damned hours tonight knowing full well he needed to go. He kept saying it was going to come out, but he would clam up as soon as he got on the potty and no amount of cajoling and encouraging could get him to go. He is scared to, it seems.

So we are on day 4 in underpants during the day. And I am tired. But happy, at least, that the pee pee part is going as well as it is. He even has been staying dry during his nap. So yay.


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eefolsom said...

You are well on your way! He will eventually poop in the potty, don't know why that's such a big obstacle, but it just is! I threw up my hands when Michael went and pooped in the garage floor rather than going the equal distance to the potty. BUT, in less than a week after that climactic moment, he was completely potty trained, day and night. So just when you think it's time to give up, you may be just right on the verge. Next big exciting thing? When he can buckly himself into his that one is BIG!