Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Hey, you don't live here!

In the wee hours of the morning today, 5:23 to be exact, I heard a strange mewling coming from the floor by the foot of my bed. It took me a minute to shake the sleep off enough to determine it wasn't Jackson crying, but a cat. It didn't sound like Sam cat, it only sorta sounded like Sara cat sounds when she really needs something. Not meowing, but mewling, rowing. Hard to describe. I thought it sounded odd, but figured Sara's water bowl was empty or the cat door was locked and she needed to pee. So I got my ass outta bed to deal with her. Except as I walked down the hall with the cat following, I sensed that this wasn't one of my cats. It was too dark to tell, so I turned on the hall light and sure enough, someone else's Siamese cat, complete with bejewelled collar, was mrowing at my feet wanting something. The cat rubbed my legs then rolled around on the living room floor. I was stunned when I noticed Sarah cat laying not a foot away, undisturbed. We have had a few intruder cats in the past, but Sarah or Sam usually kick some ass and run them off. But there sat Sarah, watching; not caring. I opened the front door and scooted the intruder out with my foot and he went willingly. I think he may not know how to work the out function of the cat door.

I got back in bed, but couldn't go back to sleep for thinking about the fact that apparently my cats have fallen down on the job and are willing to share the place with this guy with cheap bedazzled collar with no tags. And I suspect this has been going on for weeks, because my nose has been going crazy lately. I am allergic to cats, but sorta got used to my own cats and don't spend 24/7 dripping from my nose. But the last couple of weeks, I have been blaming my bad housekeeping from doing a show on the fact that I have been itching like crazy. And I now realize that it must be this intruder cat instead and his alien dander that my nose can't handle.

To top it off, he came right in the cat door this afternoon when I got home from work. Just like he owned the place. I threw him out the back door and he came right back in. I followed him around the living room for a minute and he went to the front door to be let out. Like he was just taking a short-cut from my backyard to the front. Geez.

So I went to the pharmacy and got my nose spray to try go get my nose under control while I figure out how get rid of the cat that wants to move in without getting one of those collar-controlled cat doors. I don't want to put a non-break-away collar on my cats and they lose the break-away kind because they, well, break-away.

But, I swear, I am not going to deal with someone else's cat coming into my room to wake my ass up in the middle of the night. Cause that sucks. I got enough problems with my own fricken cats and a toddler who wants to sleep with me.


Jooley Ann said...

John says, "Get a dog. You can borrow ours for a week." :)

Ronni said...

Christopher Cat once brought home a friend. Invited him in, mooched catnip for the two of them, let him use the litter box--the whole shebang.

Your cat has a friend.

~E said...

You know, I shouldn't, but I find it absolutely hilarious. I know it is probably a pain in the butt but it is rather humorous.

If needed, you may want to try the spray bottle. Although, I suggest you just name it Mork, Sray Meow #3! Wooooooo!

Could you post a picture :)

eefolsom said...

I never even considered that a cat would just barge into someone elses house, that's pretty hilarious! Sorry...but you do weave a funny tale Marsha.

Fire Berry said...

Here kitty kitty...