Thursday, June 12, 2008

Jackson likes his blue cars & Vertigo Redux

Jackson lined up as many of his blue cars as he could find yesterday. The search through his hundreds of cars for all blue ones must have taken quite some time and effort and he lined them up quite nicely. So I decided to take his picture with them. But he kept blinking.

And blinking.

We are in near-full-out potty training mode now. I only have a few diapers left and am conserving them to get me though work tomorrow. So while we are home, I am getting him to run around pantsless or in undies. He is doing pretty well with the pee pee. He gets a special candy from a car container he picked out every time he uses the potty. Though he gets pretty mad at me if he gets on the potty and tries to go but can't, cause I won't give him the special candy for trying. He thinks A for effort is the accepted norm and he calls bullshit. But I won't budge. The special candy is for successfully depositing something in the potty. And we have talked and talked about my promise to take him to Target to pick out a toy after the first dump that makes it into the potty. I don't, of course call it a dump to the boy. But I have been talking poop and pee all day and I need some variety now.

So it seems that this is going to be potty training weekend as we are just about out of diapers. Happy Father's Day, David!

So the vertigo from April 07 is back right on time. I ran out of my headache medicine that I take daily and don't have an appt til June 27th at the Headache clinic. Last year I saw the GP several times and suffered for at least a month and a half with the dizziness and vertigo until I finally got back on the Pamelor. But I never got medical confirmation that the vertigo is migraine related and 'cured' by the Pamelor. No doctors would confirm that. It was my own internet searching that turned up the one study that showed that migraine patients can suffer from vertigo that is not inner ear related. And their suggested treatment was Pamelor for a year. Tada! And I wanted to see if getting off of it again would lead to the same symptoms. And it seems to be beginning. Sigh. I can't take this med while trying to get pregnant, which I am not currently but would like to be in the near future. Am I saddled with Pamelor forever or forever suffer vertigo and dizziness? Hopefully the Neurologist will shed some light and take me seriously when I go in. I have to try to hunt down that study I read. I had it favorited on my old computer but that is gone now.

While looking for that blog link to April last year I got to reading a little of what was going on then and it was pretty clear that I was sick. Pretty much every post has something about Doctors and how sucky I was feeling. I was searching for help from docs long before we actually got any for my serious illness. Kinda sad to think about how the primary care doc I was seeing time and again missed so many opportunities to help me. She did not order one test. Not one blood test or x-ray. Such a shame. Hindsight is always so clear.

Tomorrow we start the show up again for the weekend. We are nearly sold out for Friday and Saturday, but Sunday is awful. I guess the ladies don't want to bring the Dads in their lives to see the whorehouse. It is going to be sad to see empty seats when we have been spoiled the whole run with full houses.

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Fire Berry said...

MAN!!! I would LOVE to take my dad to The Best Little Whorehouse In Texas for Father's Day... but I don't have a dad, or dad type... oh, hey, maybe I could take my brother... wait... I've seen it already.