Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Chemo-Queen Craziness and Almost out of Diapers!

First things I should say is that my PET scan showed no evidence of Lymphoma so I remain in remission. Last night I got a phone message from my mom asking about my results. If it tells you how little I was worried, it took me a minute to remember what results she was asking about. My poor mom was worried enough to call and ask, and I had almost forgotten I had a scan done. I got the call today that it looked great. So I thought I would share that news first for anyone who might not have forgotten I just had a cancer scan. Negatory. yay.

This weekend of shows was nearly sold out and went very well. It has tightened up into such a good show - an oiled machine. I truly recommend you come out and see it. We have two more weekends, June 13-15 and June 20 - 22. I guarantee you will have a great time! Tickets are here!

Sunday was a little crazy. I decided to see just how close I could come to being in two places at the same time. I was invited to speak at a cancer survivor lunch at Berry Creek Country Club which started at 12:30. My call at the theatre was 1:00. I asked Andrea' to do my mic check for me and I preset all my costumes and props Saturday night. I got permission from the director and stage manager to get there late - like 15 till curtain. Crazy right?

But I did it. I spoke at 12:45 to a small group - maybe 60 people. Mostly over 50s and some elderly folks. It was a Sun City group. But they responded to my story and I even had them clapping in the middle of my speech. I wrote a list of several common characteristics of cancer survivors that I had not done before and I was please to see that they really got it. When I got to the one that says:

"Now, when interviewers or questionnaires ask the standard “where do you want to be in five years”, our answer is one word – Alive."

Most people said the answer with me. They knew. A group of strangers answered almost in unison and they all started clapping right then. Pretty awesome. And we all shed a couple of tears together and it was all good.

I was done at 1:07, stayed another 15 minutes to eat a little from the buffet and shake hands and I got to the theatre at 1:42. Show started at 2:04 according to the rehearsal report and I was on 5 minutes later. When I said my first line, my mic was working perfectly, thanks to Andrea' doing my check and I knew that I had pulled it off. Not sure how often I want to overbook like that, but when I am asked to speak, I want to be there if at all possible.

I had David take my picture Sunday before I left. I was too lazy Saturday to go to the costume shop for the red gown. So I wore a spring-ish yellow gown Mary Ellen gave me at the same time she gave me the original chemo queen gown. I couldn't fit into it then; couldn't zip it. But it fits now and I was happy to be in something light for the hot weather.

At work Monday, my co-worker Elizabeth invited me to attend a local fundraiser in July at a ranch near Florence. Her husband is one of the organizers. It is a skeet shooting tournament put on by several construction/sales companies in Georgetown and will be benefiting American Cancer Society. So I may be one of two women there, but I said I would be there to speak if they want or just help with the auction and whatever else they want me to do. Should be interesting and a good fundraiser.

So I have about 7 diapers left in my last package of diapers. Jackson and I have been talking every day about how when they are gone he gets to wear underwear and go in the potty. He seems to be ok with it, but I am nervous as hell. Am I really ready for this? Am I ready for the cold turkey, all or nothing approach? I am scared to death. How will this work? Do I just go to work as usual, except take changes of clothes and plastic bags to haul home the inevitable soiled clothes? Do i give him a pull up at nap-time? Or does he just wet himself at naps? I don't know if I need to get another little potty for at work or see if I can't get him to use the big potty with a step stool and one of those toddler-sized seat toppers? I feel so unprepared, but I guess I will just see what happens here in the next few days when I use the last diaper and have no other option. So nervous. But I guess I can always go back and try again later if it goes too badly. We shall see.

Oh and here is a headshot of my hubby taken last weekend - just cause I think it is awesome.


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so you like that one, do you? ;-)

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David of the goofy grin...