Saturday, June 07, 2008

The bank as punishment

So much going on this week. Wednesday night we had a vocal pick-up rehearsal where I learned I was singing the alto part on one song I should have been singing the soprano part. "Oh, yeah, I did learn that part way back when." Don't know why I forgot. Actually, I do. Because the soprano part usually follows the melody and in this case the alto follow the melody and the sopranos go a step over it. So last night's show had a new feature - me singing the right part. And it made all the difference in the world - the audience was mesmerized.

Jackson stayed at my Mom's house Wed night since I had a PET scan Thursday morning. So after rehearsal, David, Elaine and I went to a 9:00 showing of the new Indiana Jones movie. I haven't been to the movies in so long I can't remember and this was a treat, sort of. Because of the PET scan diet restrictions - no sugar, no starches, no carbs but green veggies - I couldn't have any candy and no popcorn. The no popcorn situation made me twitch endlessly in my seat with the feeling that there was something so important missing. And there was - popcorn. The movie was fun - not the greatest, but fun.

And Thursday morning, after I slept through David's alarm and had to rush to get ready, I headed in to my 8:00 a.m. appt for my 'six months since chemo' scan. It was uneventful. I made it through traffic and got there on time. Got the IV in one stick and layed around my hour waiting for the radioactive isotope injection to work its cancer-finding magic. The only thing I didn't enjoy was the crying toddler in the next room the whole time I was trying to doze. Not really because she kept me from really dozing, but because I knew she was getting a procedure and was scared and upset. I couldn't really relax cause I worried about her and how they could get her still for any kind of scan - would they strap her down further terrorizing her or what? I was just grateful it was me there for the scan and not Jackson.

But I made it through the tedious hour and 45 minutes of laying int he room waiting for the scan and the laying in the scanner and was free to go. I will get my results next week, but I don't worry too much. No point. It will come out how it comes out.

I have a great parenting story from yesterday that made me happy. And since it came from a tantrum and discipline, that makes it even better. At work yesterday, Jackson was making a big mess from a box of wooden token/coins that we are selling for Whorehouse. He likes to get out a bunch of them and stack them and spread them around and just go to town on mess making. And it was time to go and I asked him to pick them up and put them back in the box. And he refused. Looked at me and smiled and got more out and chucked them everywhere. After a few minutes of fruitless negotiations, he simply would not pick up after himself so I told him if he didn't pick them up we were not going to the bank. On payday, we drive through the bank and he gets a sucker from the teller. He loves the bank. But I told him we weren't going since I had to pick up the coins and he cried and cried. And still made no move to help me pick up. So no bank. He cried off and on, but it took him till we were halfway home before he realized that I meant it and we were not going. When we got home, David was here, having taken off work early. As usual, he asked Jackson what he did today and Jackson very sadly said, "I didn't pick up my coins." I was so impressed that not only did he understand he'd been punished, but understood that his actions caused it. Later when Elaine came over he told her that he didn't pick up his coins and we didn't go to the bank. Who knew the bank was such a great incentive. Perhaps a trip to the bank will help me keep him in line for years to come.

Probably not.

Today is David's company picnic at the YMCA in Cedar Park. It is going to be a scorcher, I think. But we are about to head out there and I predict Jackson will have a great time. So I am off to apply a quart of sunscreen to the family.


eefolsom said...

Score one for Mom!!!!

Ronni said...

The Bank really was punishment once in our family. When Chandra first learned to use scissors, she cut a dollar bill up into confetti. I put all the pieces in a baggie and took Chandra to the sternest-looking teller at our local band. I hoisted Chandra up to the counter, and plopped her down; showed the teller the baggie and asked if she could please say a few words on the value of money.

The teller suggested that Chandra be required to count out a hundred pennies from her penny bank and give them to Mom, while Mom explained just how much candy that translated into.

Kid still remembers it, and she will be 31 at the end of this month!