Tuesday, March 04, 2008

I'm not sick anymore! Hooray!

I am finally feeling better today. I have been down on my hind end for days and days. Then the antibiotic ripped my stomach to shreds and I had stomach cramps for a day and a half. But I am now less like a human snot machine and can actually eat again and sort of taste it. I suspect flu, but didn't confirm it.

Jackson is dealing with it too. He is done with the fever part, but still in the terrible snot part and he still refuses to blow his nose. Poor boy. I think he should be able to go to school on Thursday, but he still needs a bit of recovery time.

Since I felt better today and my mom was here, I took advantage of it and cleaned house. I want all the germies out of here. I have the doors and windows open to air everything out and have cloroxed the house. Clean sheets and mopped floors and fresh air. Finally managed to unpack and put all the suitcases away. I am so glad to be feeling better and tomorrow I can get back to work. Hopefully my degermifying the house will keep David well. I hope.

Jackson figured out this morning that he can get out of his bed. Instead of sitting in bed yelling for me to come get him up, he simply came wandering into my bedroom this morning about 7:40 and said "Mama, I get out of my bed." The only thing cuter would have been him running in saying, "tada!" He is napping now and I am waiting to see if he yells to get up or if he comes wandering out.

I hope he wakes soon, cause I need to get in his room and degermify in there too. He needs all fresh bedding and his window opened and everything vacuumed too.

You know, it may sounds weird to some people, but it feels damned good to be able to get up and clean my own damned house if I want to. Being down on my ass for six days reminded me too much of the so-recent chemo days. Mom kept complaining I was doing too much today, but I can't help it. I feel good today and that makes me want to do what I feel like doing, no limits.

I just hope my counts come up and stay there. They were low on Wed and I went in Friday to have them checked and they were even lower. They contemplated IV antibiotics which could have meant another hospital stay, but Dr. George really felt my illness was viral or flu and more antibiotics wouldn't help. So i got to stay home on my own couch. We had my counts checked yesterday and they were slightly up; WBC was 1.7. Normal is 5-ish to 10-ish. So I am still not in that normal range yet. I get checked again in a week and I hope to see a big jump. At least to 4-ish. It makes me nervous that my bone marrow has still not recovered enough to work as it should. Dr. George says it isn't unusual for it to take a year or more. But I am impatient. What are you waiting for, bone marrow?

I will be scheduling my next PET scan for sometime in March. I'll post on that when it happens.

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