Wednesday, February 27, 2008

No WBC Love

Jackson has been sick; running a fever and feeling bad since Sunday. And this morning I woke up with a fever, cough and body aches. Blah. Jackson didn't have a fever and I didn't feel bad enough to stay home, so we trucked it on into work. But we had hardly arrived when Jackson started feeling bad and crying. I wasn't able to comfort him and make him happy. He just wanted to come home, he said. I had an appointment with my oncologist at 2:30 so I took Jackson home and my Mom and Tonya came to watch him while I ran to my appointment.

I had planned to get in and out and then run Jackson in to the pedi afterwards. But that didn't happen. My counts are low again. It seems I just can't get sick like a normal person yet. When a normal person's body is fighting off a cold or the flu or whatever, their white blood count rises and reads high as their bone marrow kicks into high gear and takes care of it. Mine drops into the toilet as it struggles to keep up. So a little illness means a big-gun antibiotic, chest x-ray and follow-up blood work. I didn't finish in time to get the boy seen too. And he seemed to be doing better this evening.

I feel selfish that I didn't get Jackson in to the doc today after being sick for three or four days because I had to go to the doc after a morning of feeling sick. Especially since my Mom discovered that his pee pee is red and irritated, which could be why he was so miserable this morning. We shall see how we are in the morning. If he still isn't feeling well and has an irritated peter I'll try to get him seen. Poor baby whose mama couldn't figure out what was wrong with him.

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KT said...

Hi Marsha, hope you're feeling better, and your son too. Rest well, and take care, Katie