Sunday, March 09, 2008

Not Much

Life is pretty laid-back right now. Except for the being sick thing. Jackson and I still have snotty noses. I get my blood levels checked again tomorrow and I am hoping my WBC will be more than the 1.7 it was last week. Up is good.

We did our taxes this evening and counting up all the money spent on medical bills was tedious but rewarding. We paid $1198 for prescriptions alone last year. Wow. All the co-pays really add up too. But it means we get a decent tax return and we are so glad the year 2007 and the tax prep for 2007 are done.

Though things are mundane right now, life with a 2 1/2 year old is not. Jackson is such a funny guy. He told me this morning "that's some nice jammies you got there, mommy." I don't know where that comes from, the 'you got there' statements. During the thunderstorm last week, he came into my room and told me "you don't have to be afraid, mommy." He is getting so affectionate lately. He has never been interested in cuddling and being held. But he is learning what it is all about, I think. When I say "I love you, Jackson" he says "I love you too, mommy." He even crawls up in my lap an says he loves me out of nowhere. And he wants to be hugged and held much more than he ever has. I am enjoying it. What a sweet boy he is.

Can I just say that I absolutely hate daylight savings time? We have been messed up all day because of the time change. I hate this. I am always so happy in October when we get to switch back. Except it isn't in October anymore, it is not until November now since Congress decided to prolong the torture. Can we just leave the damned clock alone?

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