Monday, March 17, 2008

I Auditioned!

Just got home from my audition and I am feeling relieved that it is done and happy that I didn't suck. Really! I didn't suck! I did my monologue pretty darn well, my song was a good choice for me and I was able to sing it with a little attitude (Bonnie Raitt's Love me like a man) and I even did better on the dance than I expected. Not fabulous, as I truly am not a natural dancer. I am an awkward dancer. But I managed to remember the steps and perform them almost correctly. I only looked dorky probably and not totally hopeless. So I am done and will see if I get a callback. Hurrah! I managed to get over wanting to vomit and auditioned for a musical for the first time since I did Annie in 2002.


Anonymous said...

Marsha, we are really proud of will do great.....I heard you singing before, and what a wonderfull voice that was.
Go get them..big time...
Lou and Susanne

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Ronni said...

Hey! We get the same spam!

Congrats on the audition!

I'm auditioning Monday for the "other" "ho-show."