Saturday, January 19, 2008


I got all dressed up as the Chemo Queen this morning and went to speak at the Team in Training meeting. There were probably 20 to 30 people there to learn about the program and hopefully sign on to train for an event and raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. I felt a little like a circus freak walking into the packed YMCA across from McNeil High School. There were so many people there working out, swimming and it was picture day. There were tons of kiddos in their YMCA team uniforms waiting to get their picture taken. No one pointed and laughed, but it was definitely a test of my resolve to keep walking into the building as if I owned the place. Or at least as if I wasn't a circus freak. Luckily Andrea' met me in the parking lot, so I had backup. It is essential that you have a handler if you ever go to the YMCA in a gown and tiara. Alone, you could be an escaped mental patient. With a handler holding your bags and taking pictures you are merely an oddity. Here I am with Andrea, who taught me today that a pageant queen can never be seen holding a bag, her hands must at all times be free to sign autographs. Invaluable knowledge, I say.

The Team in Training staff were very nice and welcoming. They asked if I was ok with closing the program after they did their presentation regarding the athletic training and fundraising. I sat in a window on the side while they did their presentation. When I was introduced, I realized that I felt like I had a wad of cotton in my mouth. I had a soda in the car on the drive over which is drying and I neglected to bring any water with me. So the entire time I spoke my mouth was so dry my lips were sticking to my teeth. I did ok considering, but I need to remember to always bring a bottle of water to a speaking engagement. I also need to edit my speech a little more to make it more conversational. It sounded too formal and 'written'. I think I can make it connect with people more. Maybe I need to just have a note sheet instead of a written sheet. I know it was fine today, but I can make it better, I know. The Team in Training people were happy and after I spoke, one said "It's really hard to follow that." And as I was leaving one of the athletes attending the meeting stopped me at the door to tell me how touched she was and she gave me a big hug.

I am probably going to attend a few more meetings in the next two weeks. If I am going to keep doing this Chemo Queen thing I definitely need to get the dress cleaned. It is filthy from being in a theatre costume shop forever and needs a really good pressing.

Tomorrow morning I am getting up and driving to my sister's house in Kingwood. Jackson and I are going to visit for a few days. It should be fun for the boys to play together. I am looking forward to it.


Anonymous said...

you should never feel like a circus are an amazing person and a true inspiration...think about all the lives you touched today...and to think this is only the beginning...
staying strong-

KT said...

Congratulations on a successful speech and on the impact you made on the group!

You look, as my 8-year-old would say, "totally glam" in your gown.


Jooley Ann said...

You look fabulous!! Keep it up, Chemo Queen. :)