Friday, January 18, 2008

Happiness is Being Busy

It's almost disgusting how giddy I am at work. I worked hard this week, problem solving within the new seating system while it is being implemented, working with patrons who were wary of change, and just simply having a good time answering phone calls and questions, showing off the new computer system and keeping busy. I love being back. I feel so useful and smart and can't help but giggle to myself when I come up with a fix for a problem. The Palace has growing pains and now that I am done with chemo, I get to be right in the thick of it. It really is disgusting, my giddiness, I am sure my co-workers probably want to vomit.

This evening, I went over my speech for tomorrow. I wrote the draft last night and edited it tonight for 'speakability'. Writing for people to read is different than writing for people to hear. When I write to be read I tend to use more formal language that sounds funny - or phony - when spoken. So I have to go over any monologues or speeches I write and add contractions and substitute more casual language. Also, saying it out loud makes it easy to find awkward sentences to make sure I won't stumble all over the words cause I didn't edit for speakability. Of course when I actually give the speech tomorrow I will probably edit on the fly, I usually do, picking more accessible, casual language to use. I hate to sound like I am reading from a paper even though I have no intention of memorizing it between now and tomorrow morning.

So the speech is done, the gown is ready and I pulled out my 'Miss Chemo' sash. I wanted to make a new one. I want it to actually say 'Chemo Queen' since that name seems more fitting to me now. But I forgot to stop at Hobby Lobby for new letter stickers and after work today it was cold and rainy and didn't want to drag Jackson back in and out of the car. But that is ok. I can change it later if I want to. My tiara has a light film of tarnish on it so I need to get the silver polish out and have a go at it, but I can do that in the morning.

I am pretty beat tonight. I tried to do a pilates DVD, but only got thru half of it. I am sore from last night's video, especially my arms from push-ups. So I decided to give myself a break and just stop. Every other day is enough, I don't have to force myself to do it every day. So there.

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The Holmes said...

Hope the speech goes well. Remember to do the proper Clintonian hand gestures to get your points across :)