Thursday, January 17, 2008

Oh the Laundry, Woe is Jackson

I had a doctor visit this morning with the ENT who deals with the wound/scar on my face. He thinks it looks good and expects the dent will still continue to fill in as it heals further. I have to smile, because he is very concerned that I am going to head to the plastic surgeon's office too soon. He is adamant that I need to wait six months, if not a year, before having a scar revision done. He has told me that at least twice at each visit and at at least twice that today. He said "Now don't let any doctors talk you into letting them at that scar before six months. Don't let anyone talk you into a scar revision too early." I swore I wouldn't as I have sworn at each visit. I think he takes my questions about scarring to mean I am going to be hasty, which I am not. I ask about Mederma and other scar products because I want to do things that will help it heal the best and prettiest. Not because I am going to simply die if i don't get the scar removed pronto. I can deal with it. It doesn't even make my blood boil to look at it like it did a month ago. Now I am just annoyed with it when I look at it and manage to forget about it most of the rest of the time. I promise not to be hasty and get a scar revision before the scar matures.

Now the doc has never actually told me what the consequences would be if I did make an appt with the cosmetic surgeon tomorrow. If they 'revise' the scar tomorrow would I grow a third eye out of the hole in my cheek? I don't know. He has never said and I have never asked because I figured he would have an anxiety attack or something. But he can rest easy. I may not let him do the revision, though I am sure he is a fine ENT slash head and neck surgeon. I will probably decide to go to the most highly recommended cosmetic surgeon in the area. Not sure who that is, but I have at least six months to find out, right?

My Mom watched Jackson in the lobby of the doc's office and he got pretty upset when I left to go back into the exam room. Mom says he cried and yelled off and on the whole time and would cry, then visibly try to stop and wipe the tears out of his eyes like he was trying to be strong. When I came out, all the ladies in the office were up front talking to him and comforting him. He saw me and just about broke my heart when he said "Mama back. Mama not go to the hospital." Geez Louise I hate that he has to worry like that. I picked him up and told him that no, I wasn't going to the hospital. He was extra clingy for an hour or so, but some IHOP and a purple balloon helped lift his spirits.

He kinda had a rough evening too. I am wondering if he is feeling a little bad. He has a little bit of a runny nose, so he may have a little cold. This evening I got his clothes hamper and started to throw his stuff in the washer. He got all excited cause in the hamper, lo and behold, are all his favorite shirts and he wanted to put them on...all of them. I would say "No, the yellow shirt is dirty, I need to put it in the washer." Then he would see another shirt. "Put on soccer ball shirt? Put it on?" He just couldn't accept that everything in his laundry basket was dirty and was going into the washer. His tears were tragic. His Dad held him up to see in the washer as it agitated and told him that the clothes were taking a bath. Jackson got it immediately and told us that the clothes were 'ready to get out now.' David and I laughed like crazy, but the poor boy was inconsolable for a little while. We had to just let him cry and work it out til he got distracted by his markers and coloring book. After his bath, David took him to the dryer to pick out a nice, warm, clean and slightly damp shirt and he was so happy. Clothes are very important to him.

He got some really nice shirts from David's mom for Christmas and he won't wear many of them. I am kind of learning that the shirts need to hang in his closet for a while before he gets comfortable seeing them and then he will begin to add them to his clothing repertoire. We are adding the new pieces bit by bit. And very soon his three or four absolute, cry-over-them, favorite shirt are going to be too small. They actually are already too small. They are one piece and button at the crotch, but they won't button anymore. So we use it as a t-shirt and just tuck the ends into his pants. Works pretty good to hold up the waist of some of the bigger pants that tend to fall down. He won't be able to squeeze into these shirts for much longer though and I am not sure how to get him to choose new favorites from the things that fit.

I just realized that I am rambling about clothes again. What a boring post. You can see how much thought we have to put into dressing Jackson. Much more than dressing ourselves. Hope he grows out of this majorly clothes-picky phase. Is this a totally weird trait for a two-year-old or is it something they all do?

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yer mama said...

henry tried out a milder version of this phase. Luckily it passed quickly because he has outgrown the Monkey shirt, the Truck shirt, etc.