Wednesday, January 16, 2008

See Mom? I really am a Princess!

My two 1/2 year-old son is awesome. He thinks I am beautiful. Last night while I was surfing around online he saw this picture of Katie Holmes and got all excited, "That's Mommy, that's Mommy!" He was convinced of it. But alas, no, Mommy is not the spitting image of Ms. Holmes. Katie just has the same haircut as my awesome wig. And after looking at several pictures of it, I am beginning to think she has the same wig. Check this one out. It doesn't look like her real hair to me. I dunno.

Here's me modeling what will soon be called the Katie Holmes Model of the Rene of Paris wig. And the price will double, I am sure.

Kind of funny since I have been looking at her first short 'do' as a model of what I want my hair to be in six or eight months...or however long it takes to grow that much hair.

And this morning Jackson was playing in my room while I tried on my Chemo Queen gown to make sure it was going to be OK for Saturday. When he saw me in the gown he got very excited and ran over to touch it and hug my knees. He kept saying "A princess! Mama a princess!" Now, I have never read him or taught him anything about princesses, but noticed a few weeks ago that he recognized the Disney princesses. So he must have gotten this from Playhouse Disney. I think they advertised a Disney Princess cartoon movie recently. So my lovely son saw me in a floor length, creamy, satiny gown and proclaimed me a princess.

Then he requested I wear my wig. He pointed at it on its stand and said, "Mama, put on hair." And he was so happy when I did. He didn't want me to take the dress off when I hung it up and put on clothes for work So I decided to wear the wig to work today since Jackson clearly enjoyed seeing me wear it. When I was dressing him, he petted my wiggy head and told me, no joke, told me "That's some nice hair you got there." Just like with the potatoes the other day. Where is he hearing this stuff? I tell you he can hear something once and never forget it. He's a genius I tell you, a genius! And officially left handed, just thought I would throw that in.

So my son loves me in a gown, wants to wear my tiara and makes me paint one of his fingernails every time he sees the red polish. He's a two-year-old clothes horse who has to pick his own shirts and shoes every day. My son is a diva and I absolutely adore him.

Diva yes, model no. I tried last night to get some pics of him in the tub. He was eating bubbles and had the cutest bubble beard. He just can't sit and pose and let you take a picture. He doesn't stop moving ever and my camera takes forever to snap when you push the button. It is nearly impossible to get a decent picture of him with my slow camera. Here is the best I could do.

And in other news:

Whoo Hoo! The gravy train has arrived! David interviewed for a promotion this morning at work and got the news this afternoon that he got the job! He is going from an Account Rep to a Project Manager. Great news and a much deserved promotion. We are very excited. I knew I married a meal ticket. Whoo hoo!


Anonymous said...

Tell David congrats on the promotion! That's awesome.

Jooley Ann said...

*And*, I might point out, you got your wig LONG before Katie Holmes cut her hair into an identical 'do.

Setting trends everywhere you go, Fabulous M!