Wednesday, November 14, 2007

How low can you go?

How is it possible to be brought so low by gastritis and a toxic pimple? These are the questions of the ages, my friends. Having spent the last two days and nights as miserable as chemo can make you, I am well and truly sick and tired of being sick. Have had a fever that won't stay gone and belly aches and gas pain and now the ultimate in humiliation - the toxic pimple.

See, my blood counts are so low as to be non-existent. This means when bacteria party in my system, I don't have any white blood cells to attack them. So last night in the midst of all my bellyaching, fevering and non-sleeping, there appeared upon my cheek one of those little adult pimples, the hard under the skin kind that hurt. I paid it no mind as I was focused on being miserable. But this morning and throughout the day it has grown redder, more swollen and throbs like crazy. I haven't touched it, poked it or any other terrible thing you aren't supposed to do to a pimple, but never-the-less it is an angry infected mess. My cheek hurts and is red and swollen.

Mom thinks this small thing could be the reason that my fever won't go away. I have a call in to the cancer center to see if they want to call me in an antibiotic. I am sure they will. Can't have a toxic pimple go septic and put me in the hospital can we?

Needless to say, after these miserable, horrible, never ending last two days, I am not going to make it to my audition tonight. Can barely move from the couch to the bed. But I wanted to post something cause the fact that I have been brought this low, at the end of my chemo treatments by a pimple just has to make you laugh somehow. You can laugh. Go ahead. I will join you in a few days when I feel less like death warmed over.


Anonymous said...

i am so sorry to hear what you are going through...just think...this is the LAST time...i too have one of those horrible pimples on my face and my 4th round of chemo was cancelled on monday because my counts were to my surgery is pushed back a week...what this wicked stuff can do to our bodies...however, it is only making us stronger individuals as we conquer this...hang in there
staying strong-

The Holmes said...

Hope you feel better soon Marsha.