Friday, November 16, 2007

Operator, please connect me with 1982

Hello world,

This is Marsha's husband, David, posting per her request to provide an update on how she's doing. The last few days have been extremely difficult for Marsha, and she's currently cooped up in a circa-1982 hospital room with no access to the interwebs and a single button, advance through all 17 or so channels one maddening button-press at a time, not-really remote control. She's doing somewhat decently health-wise now, but unfortunatly she's going to be stuck in the hospital the next couple days. It turns out that this was not merely some killer pimple seeking revenge for all the Proactive exfoliating, but an honest-to-goodness, last damn chemo treatment and she's done case of shingles. Shingles! Can't my poor baby get a freakin' break here?

So she's hooked up to an IV 24 hours a day getting alternate doses of fluids, anti-viral meds, and anti-biotics and will probably be staying in the hospital till Monday at least. We have to be real careful with this shingle because it's located on her cheek close to her eye and brain. So the doctors want her around so they can monitor the swelling is going down and her blood counts are going up. The good news is that she is at least feeling somewhat better. The fluids have especially helped as she was really sick and dehydrated the last few days. The not so good news is that she's feeling pretty down with all of the complications from her last chemo, and is extremely unhappy being stuck in the hospital all weekend. She was really looking forward to auditioning for a show on Saturday and going to go see 'Hairspray' in Waco on Monday, and now it looks like those things aren't going to happen. Not to mention the considerable discomfort and pain she has had to endure the last 4 months only to have this latest painful situation thrust upon her. So if you want to send her some nice words of encouragement or a short message I invite you to please add a comment. See, although her hospital room has yet to enter the 21st century when it comes to patient comfort, the nurse station in her room seems to be able to access gmail. So when the nurse forgets to secure it, as has already occured once, some measure of stealthy email checking is bound to occur...

Course we discovered they block Blogger, which is why I'm temporarily here. Sothereyago.

So that's about it. Marsha is hanging in there but mighty damn tired. She's been sick, unhappy, upset, angry, disappointed, stuck with needles by incompetants, and subjected to countless indignities, and that's just the last two days.

You're still my beautiful sweetie to me, baby, and I love you so much. I can't wait for you to come home.


Anonymous said...

i am so sorry to hear what has happened...with each day you will get stronger and before you know it...this will all be behind are a fighter...hang in are in my thoughts and prayers...
staying strong-

The Holmes said...

Argh, suck! Get better soon Marsha, we gotta keep David off the internodes.

eefolsom said...

Marsha, Marsha, Marsha! I'm sorry about this latest indignity, it isn't fair! But as my Dad always says," Nothing difficult was ever easy". My warmest wishes and prayers are with you.

On a lighter note, I'm sure you've heard about all the fun at the Palace last night that happened just as Cliff and Mary Ellen were getting back from seeing you. We got some great "Cats on a fire Truck" pics out of the deal, so hey, not such a bad ending.

Here's to kicking Cancer's ass AND stupid Shingles.

A year from now you'll look back on this and enjoy the millions you've made because you've just appeared on Oprah after your best seller Chemo Queen has been chosen for her book club. Oh, AND you'll have your hair:)

Julie said...

Oh, I am so sorry. I hope you bounce back pronto. And in the meantime, perhaps you could just think of it as being really method for some Southern Sam Shephard drama where the matriarch of the family is subjected to ridiculous injustice after ridiculous injustice.

Actually, come to think of it, it's also very much like a soap opera. You are going to have so much sense memory to draw upon when this is all done!

Anonymous said...

Dang, girl. Okay, perhaps this is fate's way of getting all the bad things that could have happened in the next couple of years over with in one swell foop. Now you're done. Once you get your scan (and you should wear boots to your scan, a symbolic gesture to show that you kicked cancer's ass!) done, there will be nothing but clear skies and smooth sailing. Keeping you in my prayers.

yer mama said...

I hope you feel better soon! I will send this message via courier pigeon.

Ronni said...

Oh, Marsha! I'm so sorry this has happened!

You know what? I think we should quit praying for strength.