Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Good Days

I have had a good several days health-wise and I was simply too lazy to blog. But after several comments and a phone call from readers (and Dad) who feared I was either doing badly or fell off a cliff, I figured I better get my butt in gear and post something.

So let's see. What have I been up to since Saturday? Sunday, I don't remember right off hand. Oh yes, the bush! David's parents came over and helped us cut down the massive pampas grass plant that has taken over our side yard to the point the neighbor asked us to do something about it. This monster took over an hour to cut down and then 3 1/2 more to pick up the cuttings and bag them. I kick myself now for not taking before/after shots of this thing, cause you can't imagine what a major pain in the ass it was. Thanks so much to Lou and Susanne (who weeded and mulched our front bed) for their awesome help in the yard. David and I are not yard people and it takes an 8 foot behemoth killing the neighbor's bush to get us to work outside. I say us as in we, the royal we, cause I stayed inside cooking dinner and resting while the Sray gang worked outside. I was still a bit run-down to be of much assistance.

Sunday evening Andrea' came over and stayed the night since she was off on Monday for Columbus Day. She works for Spaniards so is it any wonder she gets Columbus day off? I think not. We had a good time just talking and catching up and flipping channels. It is nice to have best friend time. I need more of it and would demand more, but Andrea is directing a show that opens next weekend and is so crazy busy she hardly has time to eat and sleep. But I am putting this down for the record, Andrea', I don't care if you bring your laundry over, find me some time and pencil me in. I'll feed you, come on, you know you want to come over again...I'll get you sometime...

Monday morning Jackson was 'rescued' by my Mom for the day. She told us she'd bring him back Tuesday morning so that Andrea' and I could have the day together. It was nice. We got lunch then headed to HEB for gumbo fixins. Andrea' is the queen of gumbo and we spent the whole afternoon in the kitchen making a huge pot of gumbo just like her grandma and great grandma taught her. Louisiana ladies, gotta love em.

That evening David and I, at a loss as to what to do with our childless selves, headed to Ikea and the new outlet mall to poke around. The manic spending habits that I have developed since being diagnosed with cancer have waned a bit. I no longer feel the driving need for new clothes or new shoes or housewares. The need has been steadily fed this summer and even my kitchen, whose windows have been naked of curtains for the four years we have lived here, now sport window valances - tab top, navy blue, Target.

At Ikea, in the as is section we like to frequent, David and I found a big canvas print of Audrey Hepburn that we liked. And at the outlet mall we each found a pair of shoes. He needed and new pair of walking shoes. I just found a cute pair that will be good with my new fall clothes. I guess my shopping demon remains a bit hungry. I need to cut it out before I get broke.

Course, now we have a problem with the Audrey pic. Jackson is scared of it. When he came home Tuesday morning, I was still in bed. Mom let herself in and Jackson came running into my room to climb into bed with me. He barely got himself onto the bed before he froze and started telling me to "take it down, take it down." It hit me immediately that this picture is exactly the kind of thing that freaks him out. A great big face where one shouldn't be. Toys with faces freak him out, stuffed animals, toys that talk. Dolls. He just thinks they are weird and refuses to have anything to do with them. We have tried having him touch the picture and point out her eyes, ears, hands, nose, etc. But he still hates it and doesn't want to play on our bed anymore. It has been a tradition that he gets thrown naked on our big bed after his bath in 'mommy's tub' every night. He giggles and rolls and crawls around the bed and daddy catches him and dries him with the towel. Well, Audrey has spoiled the ritual for him. Not sure if he will get used to it or if we will have to take her down. I can't have my son be scared of my room. I want him to feel happy and safe in my room, never scared. Sigh. Poor Audrey, so beautiful, but I fear her days are numbered.

I worked yesterday and today. When we pulled into the square in Georgetown, Jackson all the sudden realized where we were and started saying, "No, no, no, no." He has never done that before; acted like he didn't want to go to the theatre. And when we got there he would not take more than one step into the lobby and started fussing and crying. He clearly did not want to be at work. I was disappointed that he didn't greet the Habitat guys with delight as he used to. It took about half an hour before he calmed down and re-acclimated. He napped well after that and today he was totally normal as we went to work. He was happy to be there and happy to see people and took his nap as usual. Guess he just thought maybe we were going somewhere else yesterday. Like Grammy's house or the Cancer Center where he gets candy and gets to see the fish. I dunno. I was very happy he was back in the rhythm today. I took a couple of pics of him in the theatre and on the set poking around.

Work itself was good; busy for opening weekend of Cats. The set is looking better each day and the publicity shots show a professional-looking cast and production. I think it is going to be a good one. I am excited for the opening. And I just now got a babysitter for Friday night! I had all but resigned myself to staying home cause all my usual sitters are busy. But Mary, my Dad's lady, heard from him that we were wanting to go out, and she offered to watch Jackson. So we get to go to the opening night pre-show gala and see the show and maybe even hang out a bit afterward. Yippee! I have date night! Thanks Mary, you are awesome.

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Ronni said...

Marsha, I would take down the pic, for now. In a couple of months, who knows? Have you tried putting up a big picture of Jackson? Just to see if he is scared of one of himself. Also, would it help if he saw you put it up?

I'm glad you're getting a night out at the theatah!