Sunday, October 14, 2007

The weekend

We dropped Jackson off at David's parents house today on our way home from my Dad's in Santa Anna. He called and invited us earlier in the week and we decided at the last minute on Saturday to go for a quick visit. We had a good afternoon of rest and Jackson got plenty of outside time and got to play with Mary's dogs. He also had an infortunate ice cream accident. His daddy was trying to help him push up his push-up and the ice cream popped out onto the sidewalk. I had to take a picture of the incident. He actually didn't get all that upset, just a little sad and kept staring at the ice cream on the sidewalk. Made me giggle.

I got my labs drawn Friday before work by the worst phlebotomist yet. She was so sweet and nice, but damn, what a ham-handed mess. Some people, using the same style needle and vacutainer system, can get a few vials of blood and I barely even feel the needle. And some people, like this gal, can cause an inordinate amount of pain and damage doing the same thing. I just wanted to tell her that she really sucks at her job and should find something else to do for a living that doesn't involve needles. I swear, she dug and dug and finally got in the vein and my arm hurt for at least a half an hour afterwards. She really was nice, so I didn't yell at her like I wanted to when she asked me while digging "You doing ok?" How am I supposed to answer that? "Uh, you are hurting me and I wish I had gotten the other tech." Of course, I just hesitated for a second before saying "Yeah, I'm fine. That's a trick question." Cause it is.

Tomorrow morning I have an appt with my Oncologist and provided my labs come back favorably, I should be able to have chemo on Tuesday. I talked to Jennifer, my nurse, on Thursday and explained that I really would like to go back to Tuesday if I can. She said that shouldn't be a problem if I have good labs. So Dr. George just needs to sign off on it and I am good to go. I got the Neulasta shot this last round, so I am thinking positively that my blood counts are good and Tuesday is a go. Jackson will be with the Sray's for a few days while I do chemo round five.

While I am not looking forward to another round of chemo, I am not as scared this time. Since last chemo-day wasn't the nightmare of round 3 with the Phenergan and the shakes and jerks and miserableness, I am not as anxious. I know that I will be sick and feel crappy, but the Unisom/B6 combo eases it some and the Ativan provides much-needed sleep. It isn't fun, but I have a handle on it now. Two more to go.


Anonymous said...

I am totally with you on the needles. There are some people who should just not be allowed to use them.

I have fantastic veins (at least according to most nurses). They are dark purple, almost a half inch thick and stick up from my arm about 2 cm. And yet there are still people who manage to poke around multiple times (did you forget your glasses?), or the wobblers who put the needle in and then have to move it around a lot and cause a lot of pain. I don't want to even think about what they do with (normal) people whose veins are actually under their skin.

Maybe we need to invent some sort of needle target for them...

Anonymous said...

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