Saturday, October 27, 2007

Casino Fun

I decided to go to casino night with Elaine and I am glad I did. We played black jack with a fun dealer, Mike, who played fast and loose with the rules to our advantage. He double payed, gave out big chips for good hands and just had fun with us. Every once in a while a Sertoma leader guy would come over and say "Is this guy cheating ya?" and grab handfuls of chips and scatter them to us all at the table. So not serious, and we were just pretending to know how to play. All in all it was fun. We turned in our feast of chips to tickets at the end of the night for prize drawings - which of course neither of us won. But that was ok. I managed to ignore my upset stomach and my achy-numby feet and just have fun.

This morning my Dad picked up Jackson for the day and David and I drove out to Florence for a brief visit to the Paula Matthews benefit at the city park. It is such a nice day out and I am feeling better today, for the most part. We ate some bbq, I said hi to some old friends and just showed my support for the family. Paula is battling cancer and they need all the help they can get. I just wanted to pitch in a little. I gave them some Palace tickets for their silent auction, too.

And I saw S there. A boy I was in love with from the time I was able to have crushes at like 10 years old till I graduated high school. I even did a little bit of pining in college for him. One of those things. Bad boy, not interested in the little sis of his best friend. Rejected me much of my youth, despite my valiant efforts to snare him. I succeeded briefly my senior year in high school, but it was short-lived. He just was not interested in my love and devotion; he was cool. I was shocked to see him today, didn't realize he still lived in Florence, but he does. I was actually really happy to see him because now meeting him as an adult, my first thought was "Hey, that's S! Awesome!" Followed quickly by "OMG, I have no interest in him. I am not affected! Awesome!" So there you go. The subject of years of girlhood sighing, secret romance, flippant rejection and my first broken heart and I was able to say "Hey, nice seeing ya!" and meant it.

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