Friday, October 26, 2007

Better Now

So after unloading on my blog, I have calmed down and feel much better. I am still upset, but am now willing to admit I probably won't suffer permanent damage. And simply knowing that it is the antibiotic that is making me continue to feel crappy makes me feel better somehow. I know the source and hopefully my stomach will settle in another day or so.

I am sitting here trying to decide whether to take Elaine up on her offer of a casino night event. Sertoma is holding a casino night and it sounds fun. Do I feel well enough? Not sure. But I do kinda feel like getting dressed up, putting on my wig and some make-up and going out and having a good time. Forgetting for the evening that I can't feel my left foot. So perhaps I will go. Hmmm...pondering.


Cindi said...

i continue to read your blog...i just finished round 3 of chemo and have not been upto e-mailing...when i am better i will contact you...that sucks about that antibiotic...i can feel your address is i am feeling better i will make contact...try to go tonight if you are up to it...i wish i had the energy :-)...keep kickin' ass

Jooley Ann said...

UN-believable!! I'm so sorry. Thank you for posting, though. I will never ever ever ever take Levaquin, and I have you to thank for that!!

The Holmes said...

Holy shit man. You most certainly have every right to be as angry as you were. Glad you found out about it quick.