Sunday, October 28, 2007

Light the Night Walk

Saturday night I went down to the Dell Children's Hospital for the Leukemia and lymphoma society Light the Night Walk. Mary's company happens to be one of the sponsors and she had planned on being there. So my Dad, David, Jackson and I went too. Since I do have lymphoma and all. And I wore my new Ladybug hat I got at IKEA of all places. It is a child's Halloween costume. It came with a mask with antennae. But I just love the beany by itself. I also got a bumble bee hat. I am definitely wearing one of them to chemo. And maybe to work this week. I got lots of compliments at the walk.

Dad likes to give Mary a hard time because her daughter goes to A&M and he is a UT guy. So Saturday he bought outfits for them to wear to the walk. He forced Mary to pose for a picture which he insisted go onto my blog. So here it is, Dad. Nice pic : )

There were so many people there, I was amazed at how many. They gave us lighted balloons to carry. Red for supporters and white for survivors. Of course Jackson being Jackson insisted on carrying a white balloon since there were so many red and so few white. He just has to be special. He also liked one in each hand.

He got a little overwhelmed at being out past his bedtime and with the noise and the crowd. Before the walk started, we found an out of the way corner where Jackson plopped down on the ledge and people watched. Funny how little personality traits of the parents pass down to the kids. While he chilled in his spot, we enjoyed some pizza and Popsicles, two of Jackson's favorites.

The walk itself wasn't too long. We walked past the children's hospital so the kids could see us all with our lighted balloons. We could see them in the windows watching. It was pretty neat.

Of course about halfway through, my feet were really mad at me. Their numby-tinglyness turned into numby-pain and I really wished we were done. But I trucked on and David and I got our picture with the banner at the end. He signed it that he and Jackson were walking for me. "My beautiful wife and Jackson's mother." He is so wonderful. He has to take the lion's share of Jackson-wrangling nearly all the time since I have been sick. I can't carry Jackson and I have a hard time getting him in and out of the car. David takes the physical burden of Jackson without complaint, even though doing the Lymphoma walk with a two-year-old on your shoulders must have been tiring, he did it anyway. What a man, what a dad.

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