Sunday, September 23, 2007


We had a good time in Santa Anna this weekend. Ate too much, as usual. And as usual we return home grateful for our kin-sized bed. My Dad's guest bed is nice, just small. Might be a full even. Too small for us now that we have gotten used to the King.

I forgot my camera and was kicking myself all weekend. But David's Mom had hers and I managed to get the only picture I really wanted: A pic of me and my big brother and our bald heads. He has been shaving his head bald for several years. He figured the best way to battle male pattern baldness was to fight it with a razor. And he looks good that way. Has a nice shaped head. And the first thing I thought when I lost my hair was that I look just like Victor. So here we are in our bald-headed glory. What a pair

I still mourn the loss of my hair sometimes. I may never truly get over the experience. One day you have long, gorgeous hair down your back and the next you are bald. It isn't so bad. I have gotten used to the really quick showers. It has really cut down my getting ready time. Hair is pre-done on a stand. Or even faster, a hat or wrap. I find that I spend more time on make-up now. I wear more of it more often. It makes sense, of course, that I would turn to make-up to feel pretty. And clothes shopping. It all makes perfect sense. But I sure would rather have my hair back. Can't blame me for that, can you?

Tomorrow I have my pre-chemo appointment with my Oncologist. I will talk to him a bit more in depth about what my latest PET scan showed and what that means. Also want to ask about my blood work specifically. How my numbers with the Neulasta shot compare with my numbers without it. I just want all the information I can get. And provided everything looks good on my Friday blood work, I go in for Chemo round four on Tuesday.

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Anonymous said...

This is Jenny from FHS. Scary that that is how I would refer to myself (please don't share that info.) but I wanted you to know who this is. I recently heard of your illness and wanted to offer any help that you may need. We live in Gtown now and I would be more than happy to help in any way. Please email me at I will keep this brief because I am not sure how this blog this work.
You are in my thoughts,