Monday, July 30, 2007

This morning I woke up feeling like I had a little energy for the first time in a few weeks. Of course, I quickly burned up that energy by not paying attention to how fast and much I was doing. I have such a hard time remembering to move slower and just be chill. I made Jackson something to eat, threw in some of his laundry and just started picking up a few things around the house. It felt good, but as I said, I quickly burned up that spark of energy. It isn't totally gone, I feel like I can go to the theatre today and be fine. I just gotta remember to move slower and stop being so ambitious.

So I switched to computer and phone work. Made an appt to get my carpets cleaned on Friday because the atrocious state of them makes me ache just sitting in my living room. The simple act of watching TV is made less relaxing because I can't stop staring at the Jackson-induced juice stains and tracks everywhere. It is bad. And I know that I will feel so much better when it is done.

Also made an appointment with my gyn doc. Usually takes a few weeks or even a month to get a yearly exam appt. but I have found that the C word changes things a lot. "We have an opening in September." "Um, I have cancer and desperately need to consult with her about birth control while on chemo." "OK, how bout next week?" So yeah. That is nice. And I really do need to deal with it fast. Chemo may or may not interrupt ovulation, and it almost certainly interferes with birth control pills, so we need to really look at it and make the best decision because getting pregnant while on chemo is not something I want to deal with. All I can ask right now is WHERE IS THE PILL FOR MEN? Can we make some breakthroughs please?

I really wish I had not had a glass of orange juice this morning. The chemo side effect(besides fatigue) that has been bothering me the most is my mouth. Seems that chemo likes to kill fast growing cells and those in your mouth and stomach are very susceptible. So my mouth has just hurt and been uncomfortable for days. Not terribly painful, just throbby and annoying all the time. I keep rinsing with a baking soda wash as they said and it does help. And I don't have huge canker sores like lots of chemo patients get, but I am pretty tired of having a bad taste and feeling in my mouth all the damned time. I am chewing gum or eating something all the time to combat it, but that just masks it for a little while. This morning it seemed much better. So like a dummy I went back to drinking my usual glass of orange juice. Bad, bad move. My mouth complains now and so does my stomach. Too much acid. What was I thinking? Sigh. It is the little things that bother the hell out of you sometimes.


The Holmes said...

I second that, I would be all for a pill for men. What's the holdup, drug folks?

Mom said...

Let's try some of those melt on your tongue things. Listerine makes one but there are others less intense.