Sunday, July 29, 2007

Poor Jackson. His normal life has been so disrupted the last three weeks or so. Being away from home, having house guests and babysitters, not going to the theatre, etc. And we have let him develop some sleeping issues with all the turmoil. Like wanting to get up in the middle of the night to "sit me" on the recliner and watch late night tv. We decided after yesterday's 5:00 am yellfest that we simply have to go back to what worked for us in the first place. Stop going in when he yells. It doesn't calm him down if we go in to reasure him. He wants what he wants and he yells all the louder for thinking he might be getting it. So last night, he woke up about 1:30 and chanted, yelled and cried "Get up, get up, get uppppp mammmmaa" for an hour. Then at 2:30 he took a 10 minute break before starting back up again for another 30 minutes.

David has a hard time with it. He wants to go in and comfort him. But from experience we know that if you go in, it will only piss him off when you leave again. So we let him chant and yell about getting up and wanting the 'yellow paci'.

I have to say it is harder to do this time than when he was one. This time he has words and uses them. Hearing 'Mama, sit me" is bittersweet at 2 in the morning. But his sleeping has been disrupted for a few weeks and I can tell the difference in his behavior when he sleeps and when he doesn't.

On another note entirely, J and L visited a few nights ago and brought me a book. I glanced at the book when they gave it to me and was a bit confused as to why this book. It is called "Of Monkeys and Dragons; Freedom from the Tranny Disease."

"Tranny disease?" I thought. Is this a memoir of a transexual coming to grips with the reality of his/her life? And what of the Monkeys and Dragons? Is he/she a monkey and wants to be a dragon? I was confused, yet interested in a Maury Povich sort of way. I thought "Hey, I trust my friends to bring me something worth reading."

And then last night I took another look at the book laying on my counter and noticed one Key error. The Y. In Tyranny. As is Freedom from the Tyranny of Disease. A perfectly appropriate book to give a newly diagnosed cancer patient. Much more appropriate than the transvestite memior I imagined. Um. Yeah. Tyranny.

And yet, oddly, I wonder about the monkey/dragon he/she and how that memoir would have read...


Chip Hadley said...

Sunday afternoon, I get home from church and a very good sermon by Deacon Bob on the power of prayer. I get Gretchen's email and check out your blog (cute title btw). I have to say I admire your courage and strength, talent and heart. Even though you do have nice hair, that is not what I remember about you. Cancer sucks rocks. But you are not letting it beat you. My advice: lose your hair on your own terms, cut it. Don't let cancer have the littlest bit of your life, even your hair. Cut it yourself. Trust me it will work.


Fire Berry said...

OMG! That is hysterical!

Tranny disease!

Love you. Mean it.