Friday, May 04, 2007

Yesterday was my first Acupuncture appointment. I decided to see if Eastern Medicine can help me with the vertigo and my insurance actually will pay some of it.

And after one appt I can't really tell you if it works or not. They want to see me twice a week for a bit then they will taper it down. They seem to think they can help me. And they can treat my allergies and cough too. I have had a chronic cough since Sept last year and I am ready for it to go away.

First, I want to say that acupuncture is not the painless, relaxing, zen treatment I expected. Christine, the acupuncturist, pretty much told me that the placement of the needles for my treatment might cause some 'discomfort'. Seems if you go in for relaxation or other mild treatments, you barely feel the needles. But to tackle vertigo and migraines it is a little more extensive.

The first needles she put in my forehead I felt only as a little pinch. Same with my scalp, and belly. But then she started putting them in my legs and it wasn't the needles that hurt, it was the surge that went down my leg that did it. Then several more that didn't hurt and then in the side of my foot, near my big toe. Those hurt. And the couple in my wrists sent electrical funny bone-like surges into my hands and that was not fun. But after a minute it stopped hurting and I was able to relax. Christine commented on my high pain tolerance. Heh. Natural Childbirth, lady. A few painful needle sticks can't compete.

After about 20 minutes of me lying in the dark listening to zen music Christine came in and removed the needles. Then she massaged my forehead with a bit of menthol oil That was really nice.

I am still feeling dizzy and queasy today, so I am not sure about that. But I can report that my cough is better. Not gone, but better. Less tight and itchy in my chest and less powerful. So I don't know. Maybe there is something to this. Or maybe I am just letting people stick needles in my nerves for no reason.

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Jooley Ann said...

I gotten quite a lot out of acupuncture -- I've used it to treat various complaints. Nothing as serious as what you're battling, though.

I must say, I've had a few of those foot and wrist needles, and they *do* sting like crazy at first! But I found the state of relaxation I was able to reach while laying there with needles all stuck in me was greater than any other time in my life.

I hope you find it helps, at least a little....