Thursday, May 03, 2007

Texas Senate Passes Bill Requiring Abortion Seekers to Hold Newborn during Procedure.
Today in Texas, in an unprecedented move to preserve women's health, the Senate overwhelmingly approved a bill requiring women seeking abortions to hold and cuddle a newborn while undergoing the procedure.

Dufus McCrackhead (R) sponsored the bill saying "Not being required to hold a newborn during abortions has long been a danger to women's health and I am glad today that Texas has taken this great leap forward to protect these poor women."

When asked where the newborns would come from McCrackhead replied "Oh, that's easy. See we take all the unwanted children born to Texas women who can't get CHIP and Medicaid and we distribute them to clinics all over the state. It's all for the common good, see?"


Here is the real story.

When will it all end? I am not pro-abortion, but I sure as hell am and will always be pro-choice. But I am really beginning to think we should just overturn Roe v Wade and then women can set up their own secret clinics and seek help in private with less harassment and our government can stop spending inordinate amounts of time and money on this one and only topic. We can then try to focus on electing candidates based on their plans to improve the lives of the children already here instead of saving those who aren't.

Can the Texas Legislature please return to trying to fix the goddam broken school system and property taxes instead of trying to shame women, control their bodies and tell doctors how to practice medicine?


Fire Berry said...


Ronni said...

Oh. My. God!

I can just imagine the trauma of that!

Do you really think that we could pull off the "secret clinic" thing, and have it not devolve into back alleys and coathangers?

Like you, I don't see "pro choice" and "pro life" as being mutually exclusive.

I don't like the legislature dictating to doctors and I don't like it dictating to me. Expecially when making pious noises about "women's health." If they cared one whit about "women's health," they would not be foisting this crap on us in the first place.

What will be next? That anyone who has had an abortion won't be allowed to vote?


Marsha said...

No, I don't really think secret clinics would work. Well, actually, I think they would work for educated and/or affluent women. But the poor and uneducated would end up in the back alley. Sigh.