Monday, February 08, 2010

Smart Boy

Jackson instinctively knows his dad is a dork and that the things his dad says are sometimes goofy. He just gets it.

As I was getting him into his pj's tonight he said, "I'm keeping my sockoos on." Then he stopped, looked a little embarrassed and said, "My daddy calls them sockoos." I laughed out loud. So did Jackson. Then he said, "Daddy also says underoos and pantalones, isn't that funny?"

Yes, son it is.

Let's see, some other Jackson bits of wisdom lately...

This weekend while David was at rehearsal, Jackson and I lazed around the house, him playing with his toys and I was reading a book on the couch. Jackson sighed loudly and proclaimed, "Sometimes doing nothing is the best thing, isn't it? I'm enjoying doing nothing."

He also understands his own emotions. The other night after several failed Lego building projects he was so mad and upset and started crying. David asked him what was wrong and he replied, "I'm upset because nothing is going my way. Nothing is working out the way I want it to."

I'm sure there is more. The child is continually talking, asking questions, demanding answers, making up jokes that make no sense and keeping my ears working overtime.

He is a gem and I can't imagine a more precious boy.


Ronni said...

He seems to be one of those kids who has been saving up things to say until he had the words to say them. What a lot of understanding for such a little one!

Susanne said...

Marsha , that just is life with the Sray boys.
Believe me, they all have been like that when they were little...
I don't understand why I still maintain my sanity after all these years...really????

Joni McClain said...

oh, hey! He's learning so much so early! Pretty soon, he will not be interrupted when he is doing nothing! ESPECIALLY, when he's doing nothing! ;-).

Smart wee man.

Julie said...

It will be so interesting to see how he responds to a sibling. I'm betting he will love it!! He just seems that kind of kid.