Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Over the New Year's holiday David, Jackson and I flew to Pennsylvania with my Dad to visit his mom and siblings and my cousins.  It was Jackson's first flight on an airplane and he was seriously excited.  I worried he would be restless on the 3-hour leg of our flight, but he did a really good job.   Snacks and coloring supplies along with the window-seat helped keep him occupied.  And he got very excited when he could look out the window and see the city below.  "Look, we're on top of the world!" he would say.

It snowed heavily the entire three days we were there, which meant we didn't get to travel to my Uncles house as we had planned, but we luckily got to see many relatives at the New Year's Day party at my Aunt's house before the weather turned colder.

Jackson really took to the snow.  It was 15 degrees outside and the snow was up to his knees in places, but he played outside an hour at a time, several times a day.  David was a great sport and spent a lot of time playing in the snow with him.  I spent a lot of time inside reading a book and watching the picturesqe scenes of snowplay and fun in the picture window.  I did go out long enough to play a bit, get my picture taken in it and get really cold.

I enjoyed the few days in the snow, but can see how hard it would be to navigate life day after day in that mess.  It would not remain picturesque for long. 

Course it isn't easy here in August either.  So we all have our weather to deal with.

(What happend to blogger spellchecker?  Where have you gone, oh hider of my horrid spelling...)

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