Sunday, April 05, 2009

Pump It Up and Fortified Fort

Another busy weekend has gone by and we at the Sray house are worn out. Friday night was date night. We went to see Grease at the Palace again and had a good time, but stayed up too late.

Saturday we got up and went to a 10 am birthday party at Pump It Up, the mother of all jumpy-thing places. Wow this place was big. Nearly two story inflatable slides and inflatable obstacle courses that were too difficult for Jackson and taxing for mommy. He is too little, I am just out of shape.

I did go down the big slide with Jackson though. And David went down a bunch. And fun was had by all.

Of course now I am worried that now that Jackson has attended one of these kick-ass birthday parties he will no longer be satisfied by our annual cake-and-grandparents parties. Is he going to think we are lame if we don't rent the Jump Zone or something like that? I wanted to hold off on that kind of party till he was at least 8 or 9. Hopefully I still can.

On Saturday evening I spoke as the Chemo Queen at the Round Rock Relay for life during the survivors dinner. I stopped by Ramona's costume shop on the way home from the B-day party and picked up the red gown I love to wear when I speak and dug out the sash and tiara. I was nervous of course, I always am. I always doubt that people will be interested in what I have to say. I know I have an interesting story, but in a room full of survivors, we all have an interesting story and who am I to get up and single myself out? But I go up anyway in my silly get-up and talk and afterwards the outpouring of support I get from these people who know a little about what I have been through is awesome. Hugs and handshakes and just so much friendship; it is incredible. And later, out on the field, I took pictures with anyone who wanted to tell their friends about the chemo queen. This is a cell phone pic that Andrea took at the dinner.

As usual, David was an incredibly good sport, wrangling Jackson during my speech and walking with him around the track with all the people when Jackson wanted to. Taking him to the bathroom and simply being cool and supportive.

We only stayed till about 10:00. Relay is an all night event with people walking the track all night, but with a small child and a ball gown, I just can't hang all night. Maybe next year I can plan on it. Take a tent out there like other people do. Could be fun to have a real team and really relay.

Today I had rehearsal in the afternoon and David's parents came over to help finish the play scape. When I came home they had the roof nearly complete and looking great. So Fort Jackson is complete and fortified - staked to the ground. We had a good dinner and now I am blogging and listening to my not-quite-sleeping some sing and chatter in his bed. Every few minutes he yells really loudly, "Mommy, I love you! Do you love me?" And then I have to yell back, "Yes, I love you too. Go to sleep please!"

After such a busy weekend (or week-end as they say in the British play I am doing) I am ready for a hot bath, a glass of wine and my bed.


Julie said...

So far this year, Stella has been to a birthday party with pony rides and a petting zoo and one at Goin' Bananas (just like Pump it Up). She was still happy with her cupcakes, family and a few friends party. Although we did step it up a notch this year with a pinata;)

Ronni said...

The people who throw these extreme parties for their little kids are going to find themselves in big trouble when the kids are teenagers. When each party has to outdo last year's, they wind up sending their kids to Aruba by high school graduation, and we've seen how that can turn out!

There used to be a rule: child can invite as many kids as child is years old. Three kids for a three-year-old, etc. Then, by the time they are 11 or 12, they get a choice: a dozen kids to a party or two or three on an expedition somewhere cool, like Schlitterbahn, or the San Antonio Zoo.