Wednesday, April 01, 2009

April Fools Brilliance

Noah died in December. I wrote a little about him then; an Australian teenager with a brilliant and sardonic wit trapped in a slowly rotting cancerous body. I interacted with him briefly on Planet Cancer - the myspace/facebook for young people with cancer. His death really saddened so many of us. We mourned our loss of him while at the same time recognizing that he wasn't stuck in that painful existence any more.

He got us today though. I logged on to Planet Cancer and in the blog rolls it showed his instantly recognizable icon (black scribbled lines instead of a picture)with a brand new blog titled "I'm Alive, I'm Alive!"

Impossible, I thought. WTF? So I clicked to open the blog and there is was. A new blog from Noah. Written in November and post dated for April 1st to be a brilliant joke on the rest of us. He said:

"April Fools'! Oh come on, why else would they let us date blogs in the future?"

He thanked everyone on Planet Cancer for being around for him and sharing the sucky experience that is cancer. And then he finished by saying:

"Don’t be sad. I’m glad it’s over. Peace."

I hope he is at peace.

And I am wondering if we will get a Christmas card in December.

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The Holmes said...

That's hilarious. Best April Fool's ever.