Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Colds suck.

I'm not feeling well. Just a cold. Using up tissues. Lots of fun.

I have had a little whirlwind of medical activity here lately. The day before my scan I went in for a blood test just to make sure I wasn't pregnant. I didn't want to nuke any potential offspring. Then I had the scan which was a day and a half of yuck. My results came back clear again, btw. No evidence of cancer. Then yesterday I had a filling replaced which was a great deal of fun as you can imagine. I had fat-numb-face most of the day and it wore off just in time to be sore for dinner time.

Today I have a cold. Achy. Tomorrow morning I have an exam with my oncologist with more bloodwork. Though I am doctored out right now, perhaps my onc will refill my allergy meds and prescribe an inhaler for me since I have been having lung issues lately.

I'm sure you all want to hear me complain about not feeling well. Especially when I was just given the gift of a clear scan. But what-the-hell. I don't feel well and my breathing has been an issue lately. Makes me tired and low-energy. And cranky, I guess.

Though I will talk about something that makes me happy. Being busy at work working on a challenging playbill. Grease opens March 20th and this playbill is a doozy. We are starting a pilot project of adding headshots to the actors' bio section. This means reworking the pages so they all fit within the allotted number and all kinds of shuffling. I spent most of the day on it today and I just enjoy being busy and thinking about how things should fit and solving these little problems. I really enjoy working at the Palace even when things get crazy and tedious. I enjoy the volunteers and my co-workers and am so grateful to be working in theatre.

When we were leaving work today we went through the auditorium to go out the back door. Jackson asked me if he could get on the stage. He said he wanted to dance and sing to the people. So I sent him out onto the stage and told him to go for it. Of course he got all shy and wouldn't perform. He looked out into the empty seats and said "There's no one there. I can't sing now." I offered to sit in the audience for him but he instead said that I should sing and dance while he sat in the audience. He climbed into a seat and I did a quick little silly dance and told him it was time to go. I should have played more with him then, but blame it on my runny nose, ok? On the way out he said that next time there is a show and all the people came in to sit in the seats and in the seats upstairs that he would sing and dance on the stage. Funny boy. I am going to gather volunteers up one day, sit them down in the theatre and see if he will go up and do something for us. I won't hold my breath, but I love that he understands what goes on where we work.

Ha, I just had a terribly thought. I am watching that crack-addiction-slash-child-abuse TV show Toddlers and Tiaras and saw the brief appearance of a little boy in the competition. Perhaps Jackson's future lies in the Chitlin Pageant or the Kentucky Southern Celebrity Pageant. Ok. Or not. Considering his performance in Kinderdance last summer I am not sure he is a fit. Not sure if they have a race car category.

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Julie H. said...

I will TOTALLY sit in the audience for Jackson. Just tell me when!